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Tales Of Our President: Femi Adesina Hits The Goldmine Of Spokesmen By Writing On The Buhari Years

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January 13, 2024









Former Vice President Prof Yemi Osinbajo (left) serenades Femi Adesina, Muhammadu Buhari’s spokesperson to present his new book, WORKING BUHARI on the Buhari years to the public. Image: Twitter.


In saner climes where primitive looting of the national treasury for the sake of gluttonous acquisition is not practiced, being appointed a presidential spokesperson is considered a great privilege and an honour, for the appointee would indeed be close to the heartbeat of whoever is a nation’s leader.

During and after the tenure of every leader, researchers, writers and historians would be digging into the issues that shaped a regime in the life of any nation.

The closest person that can say much about the events are usually the spokespersons. They are constantly sought after, during and after every regime.

Thus the position is highly well considered.

But the greatest weight of the loaf of bread is the volume of materials that are at the disposal of any such official or ex official.

For an enterprising presidential spokesperson, it is usually the opportunity to tell the story of the story of what happened and what did not happen in government house.

Even when a presidential spokesperson cannot put pen to paper due to laziness, there usually are an international and local array of writers who would approach such officials for their stories, no matter how incoherent they might be, to enable third party writers present the story on their behalf.


The world has seen presidential candidates, presidents and even ex presidents write their own stories that become bestsellers, which project the events that shape every circumstance.

When US president, Barack Obama wanted to launch his bid for the Presidency, he tested the waters with the release of iconic bestsellers like Dreams From My Father (2004), The Audacity of Hope (2008), Yes We Can,  A Promised Land, and also Of Thee I Hope, well, in no particular order. Those books are genuine pot boilers, sought after all over the world.

There were  Renegades: Born In The USA and also, Be Vigilant, But Not Afraid (his Farewell Speeches), Dream A World Anew, Change We Can Believe In .



There are many others. Such books can easily be cash cows, apart from the dreams of turning them into movie blockbusters. Those are the bonuses from power or being close to power.

In Nigeria, the country has seen books written by President Olusegun Obasanjo ( My Command), Nzeogwu, The Last 100 Days Of Abacha and My Watch.

President Jonathan also wrote a volume, My Transition Hours and Stewardship, A New Nigeria Is Possible with Goodluck Jonathan.


Coming to Presidential spokespersons, Olusegun Adeniyi was President Umaru Yar’adua’s spokesperson. He wrote Against The Run Of Play (2017).

The second presidential spokesperson that has gone into this ring is Femi Adesina. He was with President Muhammadu Buhari for eight years. His book, WORKING BUHARI will soon be the talk of the literary community.

It will be seen soon, how much interest it generates and how much cash it spins. The curiosity is there already.

By Greg Abolo.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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