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May 9, 2018

President Muhammadu Buhari on the move.

Much as you may not like the name of Muhammadu Buhari or his presidency, you cannot but agree with the obvious fact that he possesses an enviable character and personality. In each of the presidential elections in which he participated I viewed him from that same lenses as back in Buhari/Idiagbon era.
Events have proven me fatally wrong.

First, I appreciate his doggedness for believing in himself and the nation. When back in the last elections in 2015 he threw himself up for the presidency for an unprecedented fourth time given the content of primarily his character, Nigerians voted him president thus
bringing to an abrupt end, the 16 years of the PDP.

It is generally believed that a tree no matter how big, can never make a forest. Buhari’s character and charisma instantly became what many described as the “Buhari storm”, attracting many hitherto unknown political quantities to the APC. It must be said that many of those in political offices got there not on account of their own character but simply because they rode on the Buhari factor. The electorate back in 2015 were not necessarily voting for those candidates but for Muhammadu Buhari.

At that time the Buhari factor loomed larger than any other consideration. Today many of those who voted for other candidates on account of the Buhari factor are largely disappointed and living in regrets as most of those characters have turned out hugely disappointing.

But for the Buhari factor how could any sane voter in Kaduna have cast his vote for the rascality, madness, recklessness and arrogance holed up in Sir Kashim Ibrahim House?

The 3 years since that epic election year 2015 have all but revealed the true colours/character of the many strange people who literally stole their way onto the Muhammadu Buhari train. Many have proven to be so lacking in democratic credentials that they have become a terrible embarrassment to the democratic process.
In Kaduna State for example, we voted for a character who at best ought to have been confined in a psychiatric facility. This fellow allied himself with others of his ilk, some running from the law in a foreign land and their focus is to drain away the resources of this State. There is nothing worth the while that can be attributed to the 3 years of governance in this State.

Because of sheer arrogance, the little fellow and the hordes of Consultants
speak in strange languages that the people of Kaduna State hardly understand that they are milking this State dry.

The little man is clearly an outlaw protected by the immunity clause in our Constitution. Surely the drafters of the Constitution could not have foreseen that elected officials could behave and conduct themselves in the manner the little man in our State is doing business. He is so obsessed with power as we speak that he has since lost even the decency to address people in the appropriate manner and style. The moment he has an opportunity to speak, he embarks on a tirade of insults at his perceived political opponents. This without a shadow of doubt shows that this man is bereft of a good upbringing. If his father were alive today, he will be hiding his face from the public on account of the conduct of his son.

The change most Nigerians voted for is many light years away from the change, if any at all that they are being treated to. Justifiably so because our people had gotten used to the profligacy of the 16 years of PDP and thought it was going to be business as usual. We were all largely wrong because the nation was almost bankrupt. Compounding that was the very sharp drop in the price of crude oil in the international market which meant much reduced foreign exchange earnings.

Politics aside credit must be given to this government for the way it has managed to keep the nation afloat. There can be no arguing the fact that life generally is hard for most Nigerians but are there any choices?

When someone spends his tomorrow today such will have to account for that foolishness and lack of foresight for certainly tomorrow will come.
In all of this, most of us are blind to the opportunities which could be created out of the present difficulties. Becoming vuvuzelas in the light of the current difficulties will not help. What will help is like the two little mice in Spencer Johnson’s epic book ” Who Moved My Cheese”, pick up your jogging shoes and move further into the maze in search of better cheese.

For most of us who have nothing doing by way of a paid job, now that the rains are around the corner, do not sit back at home sulking. Pick up your hoe or cutlass and move out, you may not necessarily have to cultivate a big farm just start something even if in your backyard. This is the way to go.

Please do excuse me because in the last paragraph I was almost carried away by the options before us in a difficult situation such as we have found ourselves. Now that time has unmasked the political masquerades before our own eyes, we are largely informed as to how to sort out the politicians who throw themselves up seeking our votes.

Back in the lead up to 2015, the Buhari factor was a guarantee for winning in that election which is why every campaign poster carried a bigger picture of Buhari and a much smaller pictures of the contestant. In 2015 this strategy worked much like a wild fire in the harmattan. It wasn’t long before we understood that so many strange characters simply exploited the Buhari factor to win elections because they lacked Buhari’s qualities.

One typical example is the little man in Kaduna State as governor. He rode on the Buhari popularity to become governor only to transform himself into a dictator. He has in every possible way betrayed Buhari’s ideals including surreptitiously angling for the position of Vice-president in the event the sick Buhari did not make it back alive from medical vacation abroad.

The little man has in many a way acted to undermine the President, consider his body language with regard to the tenure elongation saga. This little man has been the engine room in the Chief Odigie Oyegun machinations to continue with their misadventure as leaders of the APC. I will be shocked if the President has not as yet understood who the little man is. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo realised who the little man was rather too late in the day which is why he described him in a book as ” a serial liar”.
On loyalty, Obasanjo wrote that the little man’s loyalty is only to himself and nobody else. Former Vice-president Atiku Abubakar learned his lessons too late too. Together these 2 people produced a behemoth out of the little man and the rest is now history.

It is our turn in Kaduna State to weep and gnash our teeth under the brutish reign of the little dictator. In Kaduna State democracy has since taken flight. All the dictator or his agents are doing even where an election is recommended is simply to sit down and write the outcome of such an election.

Local Council polls are due to hold soon in the State that is if they will hold at all. I have my doubts in view of the procrastinations and tardy manner the preparations for the elections have been. The 2019 general elections are not too far off and campaign posters are everywhere. Many of the characters are again hoping to cash in on the Buhari factor while masking their dubious credentials.
This time around they are getting it all wrong because they must now stand on their own feet and answer each to his own name.
If such have character at all why are they so heavily relying on the name and qualities of Buhari? If it was possible, I would have loved that the Presidency stops these dubious characters from feasting on the Buhari factor. Let every politician character stand and speak for him/herself for even Baba Buhari will have to fight for his political life this time around.

This is a direct message to the little man, Master of Hate Speech and his co-travellers in Sir Kashim Ibrahim House.

To God Be The Glory.

Written by Col. Gora Dauda (rtd)

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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