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The Chaos Of Somalia And Why Nigeria Must Not Go That Route

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February 26, 2018


Images Of Somalia. With kidnappings here and there, swallowed cash up and down, herdsmen killings, impromptu demolition of people’s  homes, nepotism etc, here’s hoping that Nigeria would avoid the path to Somalia.


By Abdi Latif Dahir and Donald Duke



Abdi Latif Dahir, a Somalian born journalist says, “In the chaos of Somalia, women really hold society together.
A lot of fathers and men died fighting during the war, and many businesses in Mogadishu and beyond (selling khat, fuel, manning shops and farms, herding goats and sheep) was and still is being done by women”.


Donald Duke, a former governor of Cross Rivers State in Nigeria’s south south state took it from there and gives an insight into what the failed state looks like and why Nigeria must not go that way :

Let me take our minds back to Somalia. Somalia is mono-religious, mono-ethnic; they only have clans (but) they have one tribe.
What has happened there?
It’s a failed state because the elite in Somalia were so disconnected from the people that once they had some money, they bought houses in England, Washington and all those places; they were not investing, putting their best foot forward and I think that was what Pastor Bakare was talking about. If you want to be in a contest, you put your best foot
forward; at the end of the day, there was such a disconnect that even till
today, they cannot bridge it.

Let me tell you, the last recognized
President of Somalia is buried in Lagos- Siad Barre.

We are multi-religious, multi-ethnic and multi-problematic. The reason why most people worry about us is if we explode, who will contain us?

Let me also say this, I know what I am saying now is an aside, I will go back to
the elections.
When we conducted the census in 2006 or so, the raw figures said we were over two hundred million; when they went and processed the figures it came down to 140 million.

When you look at those figures and compare to those we had in 1991 at a growth rate of 2.1 or something like that, it is really just an extrapolation, because we were too embarrassed to admit our true numbers.

If we get it wrong, we will fail like Somalia; in Somalia, half of them are in Kenya, Ethiopia, and a few are in Europe here and there; who will contain us in all of West Africa and Central Africa and for that it is imperative not just for ourselves but for the rest of the continent that we get it right”.


Chat Snippets with Abdi Latif Dahir and Donald Duke

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