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The Chinese Are Coming

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April 21, 2020

By Ahmed Magem

Just a few days back I watched as leaders of all African countries went to China at the behest of the Chinese leader. Only one African leader was absent. That leader gave his reason for his refusal not to attend.

Our leaders were promised a loan of about $60 billion and we are all gleeful about it. Before that we keep on running to China begging for aid.

Actually, Africans seem to be in for another long spell of colonialism. China is in dire need of Africa’s mineral resources. It’s expansion to Africa is not for the people, but the Chinese are out to get our greedy leaders to give in to their demands and sell our land and resources to the new colonial masters via economic power. In doing so they’ll promise heaven and earth.

Take a trip across Africa and see what China is doing, building infrastructure everywhere from Senegal to Ghana, Kenya to Zambia, Nigeria to Rwanda, Cameroon to Uganda, South Africa to Sudan. The list is endless.

Then it’s getting worse.

One thing I hope is that Nigeria’s president has protected the interest of the Nigerian People. We don’t want to be another Ghana or Cameroon where the Chinese own so much of the country. There is a movie featured in NYU call the New Slavery in Africa.

I’m telling you I saw a Chinese man with a Cameroon national identity card. You need to see them here mining gold and finishing our forest.

In my discussion about China with an Aunt she said, “We will have all kinds of problems with China. Mark this day and this post.
I don’t agree with all that Trump stands for but he got it right with the Chinese. My only consolation I believe and trust Buhari to protect Nigeria”.

“My post about the Chinese way of doing business is for our leaders and citizens to be aware of their hidden agendas and for us to protect our interests”.

In 2011, I took a break and decided to go and spend my holidays in Gombe. It was around April/May and I was taken out to just hangout with some old friends at a place called Tunfure Resort. Being a newbie to town it was exciting. The place was just one of those small joints and I saw how it was bubbling with activities. I chose a spot and sat while my cousin decided to go somewhere in town to get his favorite suya. Just as I was going through my phone I saw a Chinese guy walk in and sat opposite me. He ordered for a drink, took out his phone and went on making all sorts of calls which I got to learn later was related to the mining of lead in Filiya, Shongom LGA of Gombe State.

I was shocked and taken aback. Yet, I was quiet. The Chinese gentleman seemed restless and eager to talk. He asked if I was into mining or interested in mining. I bluntly told him I’m an I. T. Professional and only interested in ICT. He scoffed and told me point blank that there is no money in ICT. He said I should go into mining and he’ll make me rich instantly. Now, that word got me alarmed. I just said no thanks I’m contented with the crumbs I get from my line of work.

The Chinese told me of how Nigerians are not trustworthy and how they have been duped by many Nigerians contracted to get them mineral resources even from our ministries. That’s why they have decided to come into Nigeria by themselves to get involved in the mining and exporting of the raw materials to China.

Today, everywhere you go you’ll see them. They are involved in the logging of trees called Madrid in our forests and exporting same to China. The forest range from Gombe to Adamawa and into Taraba are being heavily exploited and moving on to Benue and Cross Rivers. Serious deforestation is going on.

Just across to Asia, Sri Lanka has formally handed control of a strategic port on its southern coast to China as part of a 99-year lease agreement.

Under a US$1.1 billion (Dh4bn) deal that the Sri Lankan political opposition and trade unions have called a “sell-out” move, Chinese firms now hold a 70 per cent stake in Hambantota port.

The $1.3bn port was built with loans from a Chinese state-owned bank and opened in 2010. But the Sri Lankan government has struggled to repay the debt, with the project incurring heavy losses. Along with loans taken out for other infrastructure development projects, Colombo now owes China a total of $8bn.

Now, that’s little. Remember how we got indebted to the London and Paris Club? Remember how it took Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala to broker a debt pardon and repayment for us?

See, knowing the sort of leaders we have in Africa especially the greedy and selfish lot called Nigerians, tell me how on earth do you think they won’t default? How can we sit down and watch as we are taken back into slavery.

Who has bewitched us?

Zambia is defaulting on it’s loans with China and now China is set to take over the national power utility ZESCO. More Zambian national companies will have to be handed over to China if they continue defaulting. What I am saying is, Zambia is now an officially CHINESE PROPERTY.

Is that what you want for Nigeria?

Wake up people!!! Wake up Nigeria!!! Beware of the Trojan horse gifts.

Slavery and neocolonialism is real and the Chinese are coming.

Written by Ahmed Magem

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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