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The ‘Demystification’ Of A So-called White Lion And It’s Worthy Lessons To Power Holders

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April 30, 2024








Former Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello

By John D. Danfulani (Ph.D)

At the peak of his inglorious reign, he got intoxicated with the sweet wine of power. Those that propounded the Iron Law Of Oligarchy must have had the White Lion in mind. He was a mini Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Mobutu Sese Seko, Jean Bedel Bokassa and Augusto Pinochet all rolled into one. 

When it was time to renew his mandate in 2019, he converted his state to a Hobsian jungle of guns and other dangerous weapons. On the day of the poll, there were rains of bullets from the skies, rivers and on land launched, by his recruited jackets.

The biggest drama of 2019 was the formation of an ethnic orchestra that sang the infamous “Ta-Ta-Ta” song with their fingers pointing to the sky. That exclusive ladies band wore joyous faces whilst reeling a hit that told listeners that the mighty White Lion and his thugs rained bullets that subdued opponents.

Again we saw how he messed up a member of the Red Chamber representing a district in his state. He disgraced him to the level that at some point, the Senator climbed a tree and jumped out of a moving bus conveying him to the state capital.

Like certified dictators, the so-called White Lion spilled the till of his state in a kleptocratic gangster fashion.

Two days ago, the EFCC closed in on him, but he coiled under his bed like a baby until his “mumu” clone came to his rescue. He ought to have learn the act of boldness from the former Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose who majestically walked into the (Economic And Financial Crimes Commission) EFCC’s den after the expiration of his tenure in office.

Hell no, he isn’t a White Lion. He is a wet spineless coward that can only move when he has the paraphernalia of state power surrounding him.

What goes around, comes around . Karma is indeed a bitch .

Is the hunter being hunted?

Finally, White Lion can run but he can’t hide. As the saying goes, power is transient.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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