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The Dynamism In Politics


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May 3, 2018

Kaduna city.
By Col. Gora Dauda (rtd)


On the political terrain especially in climes like ours, there is always movement to and from one political platform to another. The players are almost always in a state of motion in pursuit of what their minds have agreed on.

In an earlier discourse I did say that it is only an electric pole that remains where it was planted for as long as those who planted it desire it in that position. The pole remains where it is planted because it has no life of its own and therefore cannot make an informed decision.

Conversely, in politics, if you are not comfortable where you are, you can migrate to a more favourable political platform. The frequency of migration from one platform is a sequel to the fact that our institutions including the political are still growing. In our situation, so much energy and resources are ploughed into politics including violence in one degree or another and in some cases murder as means to ends.
With about 70 political parties already registered by INEC you can bet that more of these contraptions will be registered before the 2019 general elections. Sadly most exist only on paper or put in another way, they have no life of their own technically therefore they can be said to be dead parties.

There are a variety of political parties, some are regionally based, while others could be based on an ideology or at least so we are made to believe. Ideologically based parties have a much larger membership therefore their probability of them gaining a political advantage is more. In our political history, regionally based parties performed well only in regions where they are based. This used to be the case particularly in the South East and South West. The South East tended to be more isolationist or do I say apolitical but they had commerce to lean back on if politics is not in their favour.

My people in Southern Kaduna until very recently and during the PDP era played opposition politics just as our brethren in the South East. In so doing, they could only glean from the side of the pot after the National Cake had been served.
Being a part of the mainstream politics of the country afforded my people their place and a much fairer piece of the National Cake. I thought that it would have been a better strategy had our people moved on politically when it was evident that the PDP era had come to an end.
In the 2015 elections my people held on to the ghosts of the PDP and in so doing had returned to the opposition fold. For our brethren in the South East, at the very least they have commerce to turn to but for my people they can only return to their farms.

I do agree that we need a credible opposition to make our democracy worth the while but to what extent can we say that there is a credible opposition nationally and in the Kaduna State House of Assembly for example?
A friend observed a few days back that there are essentially no bad political parties but bad politicians who end up messing up the political parties. I could not agree with him more on this valid and cogent observation.

Lack of internal democracy was the undoing of the PDP simply because the hawks in the party wanted to entrench themselves in powerful positions within the party’s hierarchy. The PDP suffered the same fate as the dinosaur which because of its huge size could no longer move around for its food and so it became food for other more versatile animals. The bells began tolling for this once great political party immediately the results of the general elections were being received and announced. The frontiers of the great dinosaur immediately began to shrink much in the same manner as the Lake Chad. As that old vessel began taking in water, most voyagers began abandoning the doomed vessel in numbers. That was the most rational thing to have been done in the circumstance if they were to survive to undertake another voyage in the future.
Most found accommodation in other political parties and they have been the wiser for it.

My people in Southern Kaduna to my mind have not read the times and the happenings in the political space right and so whilst others moved on with their lives politically, my people are marooned in no man’s land holding on tenaciously to the ghosts of the PDP.

For a truth, the PDP as a political party of choice is no more. There will NEVER again be another PDP like that which loomed larger than a political party over this land for 16 of the 60 years they had projected they would be in power but as is always the case, they proposed but God disposes. I would appear that our people are still living under the illusion that somehow their darling PDP will somehow resurrect and make a political comeback.

The facts on the ground do not point in such a direction. By remaining in a political party that is clearly defunct means political isolation and at best a long period in the opposition. If this decision to continue holding on to the ghost of a defunct party was informed by purely ideological considerations I will have no problem with that. If our people are deluding themselves thinking that the PDP as they knew it before the crash will like the proverbial sphinx rise again from its ashes, they are dead wrong as the train has already left the station.

I should never be mistaken to be an apostle of any particular political party, no. What I am into in this advocacy is that my people should shine their eyes and sharpen their thought processes as to inform where they belong politically. A recommended book for us to read is ” Who Moved My Cheese ” by Spencer Johnson which tells the story better.

Summarizing the story by Johnson, keep an eye and observe the changes in the Cheese so that as it decreases both in size, taste and quality, grab your jogging shoes and move on into the maze you will surely find bigger and tastier Cheese contingent on the fact that you posses the tenacity of purpose to try. Failure to anticipate changes which will surely come around amounts to outright hypocrisy. Whether we are aware of the changes around is or not does not in anyway delay them.

Written by Col. Gora Dauda (rtd).

The views expressed in this write up are entirely that of the author.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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