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The Flash Floods Of Libya Following A Dam’s Collapse In Derna And Its Catastrophic Outcomes

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September 16, 2023










It may be early yet to start investigating the major causes of the horrors and the devastating impacts of the Libyan flash floods. More attention should be focused on rescue and resettlement plans urgently.

However, it is known that more than 11,000 people have been killed and tens of thousands are missing following the catastrophic dam collapse in the eastern Libyan city of Derna on 12 September. The dam collapse came after an extreme storm, Storm Daniel, slammed into the north African country.

There’s water everywhere and an entire city is ruined. Most buildings are down. Corpses of the dead on the flooded streets of Libya is leading to environmental hazards and the sadness all over is depressingly overwhelming.







With an absence of a properly functioning national government owing to the civil war, it’s great to see people to people efforts at helping one another in the days of despair. Even General Haftar has given permission for helping crews from the government in Western Libya to come in and help.

Therefore people are crossing front lines from the West of Libya to the East of the country to render the little help that they can at this time of strife and pain.

The leaders have to deepen this cooperation at this time with the hope that a permanent ceasefire can emanate, leading to peace in Libya .


This is the celebratory week for engineers world wide. As Engineers celebrate, brainstorming on why buildings collapse would sincerely help to find ways of mitigating disasters, or preventing them in the future, even as the world commends them most sincerely for the ingenious feats that they have achieved and as they plod further to attain more groundbreaking events.


Congratulations, Engineers .
Have renewed strength to build into the future.

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