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Twitter’s Ban On Trump’s Account: Democrat Party Leaders See Him As Present Danger, Consider Impeachment

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January 9, 2021

Cleared of rioters, Capitol Hill is being patrolled by a reinforcement of armed guards.

As it currently stands in Capitol Hill, Washington DC, USA, Democrats have taken control of Congress especially after the results in Georgia came in for the next legislative dispensation.

The events that snowballed into the storming of the legislative chambers are being attributed to the misuse of Social media platforms belonging to President Donald Trump.

Democrats are considering the regulation of Twitter as well as other social media platforms. It is what Senator Mark Warner has called overdue, considering the permanent ban placed on the account of @realDonaldTrump for causing damage with his supporters when they invaded Capitol Hill. Trump’s rhetoric in the media was blamed for situation.

Democrats are laying the groundwork for impeaching Trump once again. House speaker Nancy Pelosi says there are meetings with the military to prevent the president from pressing the nuclear button.

Senator from Virginia, Mark Warner believes too, that Donald Trump can be a real danger, even in his remaining 2 weeks.

The question now is, to impeach or not to impeach ?

Should the House decide to, time would not be on their side. They would have to draw up articles of impeachment that should include mental impairment for it to have reasonable grounds and when the question of capability is sent to Trump, he’d certainly say that there’s no impairment in him.

Before that process is concluded, he would have been out of office already. He has less than three weeks left. Though his legacy will go through a serious battering.

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