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Vox Populi: Nigerians Take To Social Media, Condemn NBC’s Clampdown On AIT, Raypower FM

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June 7, 2019

By Mike Odeh James

The action taken by the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission, NBC in suspending the license and shutting down Daar Communications’ African Independent Television, AIT and RayPower FM , has been described as politically motivated and a calculated attempt by President Muhammadu Buhari to silence the media in their social media pages.

Twitter has been awash with comments :

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Raphael Chima Ibile observed that the action by NBC for which President Buhari is likely to be aware of is intended to keep the people in the dark as he did, through his military decree number 4 when he was Nigeria’s military head of state.

“If you’re familiar with Buhari’s military decree number 4, you would not be shocked. If you want to keep the people in the dark, kill the media. Buhari knows that and that’s what he’s doing”, he noted.

Emeka Rex Ezeganya opined that the action by NBC will go down in history that a station granted license by a dictatorial regime headed by General Babangida was withdrawn by a purported civilian convert, President Muhammadu Buhari.

While noting that power is transient and will soon be history, he however take consolation in the fact that inasmuch as man dies, freedom will never perish.
“It will go down in history, yes, AIT granted license by a dictatorial regime headed by General Babangida, and withdrawn by a purported civilian convert headed by PMB. Anyway, I take solace in the fact that as far as men die, freedom will never perish. Like a stage, power is transient, and you will also be history like those before you sir.”

Bobi Udi was of the view that the clampdown by NBC was because of what Obasanjo said on Buhari’s next level, pointing out that if the station did not abide by the rules as claimed, NBC would have first, called it to order and if it persists, then closure would have followed.

“If the station does not abide by the rules, then you sanction the company. If it persists, then you can close it down. We’re not looking at NBC actions on AIT station but checking what Obasanjo said on Buhari’s next level”, he said.

Ekpedeme Ubong Ekpe described the action at the end of democracy in Nigeria, saying journalism is under attack.
“This is the end of democracy in Nigeria. What a shame. Journalism is under attack.” he opined.

Alfred Akenuwa said what NBC did was political motivated, emphasizing that with the way the country is going, the citizens will strike. He noted that with the shutting down of AIT, other media houses will be afraid to criticize the government which is not good for democracy.

“The say Nigeria is going now, I think the citizens will soon strike. NBC doesn’t have the right to shut down any news channel because it will be an attack on democracy. Now other news channel will be afraid to criticize the government. Nigerians should wake up oh. They are gradually destroying our democracy oh. This people get mind oh. We all know it is based on politics “, he noted.

Olabode Oluwasanmi questioned where the country is heading to, noting that even the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has not suspended CNN despite airing negative comments against him.

“Even Trump has not suspended CNN despite all their airings against him. Where are we heading to “, he queried.

Anya Felix Onchukw described the action as wickedness of the highest level by Buhari and the APC led federal government.

“Wickedness of the highest level. Shame to Buhari and APC, he asserted.

Augustine Uchenna Nwodo observed that the Buhari and APC next level had indeed started and any criticism by the opposition is perceived as crime.

“Next level has indeed started. Any criticism from the opposition is seen as a crime.” He said.

Elijah Mkparah recalled warnings about the APC government former President Goodluck Jonathan and failure of Nigerians to abide by it, describing Jonathan as a prophet.

“We were warned about this, but we refused. President Jonathan is a prophet.”

Joseph Akwagiobe expressed dismay over the situation Nigerians have found themselves, saying CNN would not have been in existence again as it is anti-Trump.
“If a TV station can easily be shut down for disobedience, then CNN wouldn’t have been in existence again because they are anti-Trump. I pity Nigeria.”

Felix Koko however urged High Chief Raymond Dokpesi to take heart, as the action of NBC and the APCled federal government is not the end of the road for him.

“Raymond should take heart. It’s not the end of the road,” he emphasised.

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