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‘We Are Distinct From The Fulani, Don’t Associate Us With Any Skirmish They Engage In’ – Hausawa To AVM Bali

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July 18, 2023



Hausa land, history and people yearning for freedom.


Honourable Sir,

We refer to your recent interview on Arise TV station with respect to the unfortunate killings and destructions that took place in Mwaghabul Mangu Area of Plateau State and those suspected to be the attackers of the community.

You are on record as having said that those attackers were heard speaking Hausa language.

This is a source of concerns to us as Hausa People and Owners of the very said language with which we are identified.

We as the Native Indigenous People of Hausaland in Nigeria hereby categorically and unequivocally declare that the Hausa People have nothing to do with that crisis.

Hausa as a language is spoken by most people of northern Nigeria because of the social interrelationships amongst the people and the spread of the Hausa People across all tribal groups and locations.

For quite sometime now there have been communal crises between the native Indigenous people of the Plateau and Fulani herdsmen militia/terrorists.

It is common knowledge that the generality of the Fulani speak Hausa language. Therefore it is improper to suggest that because those who breached the peace were heard speaking Hausa language, therefore it could be concluded that they must be Hausa People.

Much as in the past the Fulani were assumed to be fraternal relations of the Hausa People mostly so because of the religion both of us seem to have in common, manifestations of the existing reality have shown that we are poles apart.

We therefore take this opportunity to once again inform you in particular, the good native Indigenous people of Plateau and Nigerians in general, that there is no actual fraternal relationship between the Native Indigenous People of Hausaland and the Fulani People whatsoever.

The following facts suffice as our proofs/evidences:

1. The Fulani are immigrants to Hausa Land and we only accommodated them for the sake of humanity as our tenants.

2. Their Cultures are distinctly different from ours: even their brand of Islam has nothing to do with the Islam that we know and practice.

3. Their religion is FODIYONCI not ISLAM: they have taken their progeny Usmanu Bn Fodiyo to Status of a god/prophet that they worship.

4. The Brigandage, Banditry and Terrorism they are unleashing on Nigerians (including the Hausa People) today is what they have taken after their great grandfather Usmanu Bn Fodiyo, which our parents suffered since 218 years ago. The consequences of this betrayal of trust is what has reduced us to the level of poverty and illiteracy that our people are suffering from till today. They use our name to take opportunities meant for us and still use the name to cover themselves and commit all manner of crimes.

5. Land grabbing have always been the aim of every hostilities by the Fulani People. The Hausa People historically and legitimately have more than enough Land that they own and therefore have no basis to engage in land grabbing exercises whatsoever.

In the light of items 1-5 above, it is therefore offensive to us and most unkind for anyone to knowingly identify the Fulani with Hausa people.

Honourable Sir, we appreciate the good efforts of the general secretary of Mwaghabul development association, who was able to set the record straight in his interview with Daily Trust Newspaper.

He cleared the air by saying that the problem was between the Mwaghavul People and the Fulani Terrorists/Militia.

This position is significantly at parallel with yours. There is therefore the need for you to clarify your current statement in this regard so that the Fulani people will take the blame they actually deserve without your rubbing it on the Hausa People. And we so graciously request Sir.

By this we hope that our cherished mutual relationship as Fellow Native Indigenous People of the North and Nigeria as a whole will flourish better.

Thank you for your understanding.

Written by:
Kalthoum Alumbe Jitami ( The Native Indigenous Hausa People Emancipator)

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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