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‘We Demand Investigation Into Interferences In Metuh’s Trial’ – PDP


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March 19, 2018

Press Release


Olisa Metuh used to come to court in handcuffs .
Recently, he appeared on a hospital stretcher.

We Demand Investigation Into Interferences In Metuh’s Trial

We have continued to monitor the wicked plots by the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Presidency in their desperation to elevate the media trial in camouflaging their obvious interest in the on-going trial of the former National Publicity Secretary of our great party, PDP, Chief Olisa Metuh.

Of late is the statement by the APC UK Chapter, wherein they alleged that Chief Metuh is playing ‘Nollywood drama’ in court by claiming to be seriously ill.

One is shocked that the same persons, who are well aware that Chief Metuh had pleaded to the court that EFCC be allowed to independently examine his state of health and report to the court, could make such mischievous claim.

The only deduction here is the apparent quickness of the APC to push their desire to discredit and mock a man who is only obeying the orders and rulings of a court.

The question here for members of APC UK is whether the treatment of Chief Olisa Metuh, in his trial, can be obtainable in their country of residence.

For instance does it take two months in the UK for a court to give a ruling on an application by an accused persons to be allowed to go for medical treatment, especially when accompanied by affidavit of urgency?

Is it obtainable in the UK that a court can give an order compelling a sick person in an intensive care unit of a recognized hospital to be brought to court in any condition whatsoever?

It is also obtainable in the UK that a court can give an order barring any medical doctor or hospital in the country from issuing a medical report to a defendant in admission in their facility?

Is it proper that an accused, who has spinal cord injuries, should be refused an application to get quick medical relief after spending several hours in court under excruciating pain?

Furthermore, we want to ask the APC UK, whether in the country of their residence, an accused person, who has been ordered not to tender any medical report from any doctor or hospital in the country, can still be challenged for not bringing evidence of his ill health to the court?

It is obvious that the conduct of the proceedings in this case appears designed to favor the APC to come up with such mockery, otherwise, any reasonable person will be more concerned about the travails and tribulations of a man who is merely obeying court orders.

In conclusion, we are really worried about the coincidence and the timing of such court orders and the mockery of Chief Metuh’s humiliations and tribulations by the Presidency and the APC right from his being paraded in handcuffs like a common and notorious criminal at the commencement of the trial.

We therefore call on the leadership of the judiciary to conduct a full investigation as to the correlation between the happenings in court in this matter and interferences and interests of the Presidency and the APC.


Amb. Ibrahim Bala Aboki
National Coordinator,
PDP National Youth Vanguard

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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