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‘We’ll Work To Expand Our Economy, Take Politics Out Of The Reach Of Evil People’. Makinde Thanks Clerics For Their Prayers

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January 16, 2022



‘Prayers of the faithful has kept us going’. Makinde kneels for prayers from Pastor Femi Emmanuel.

Your prayers have kept and sustained our administration’, Makinde tells Clerics

… says people of faith must participate in politics

Oyo State Governor, ‘Seyi Makinde, on Sunday, said that prayers and support of clerics and men of God have kept his administration going so far.



The governor, who was speaking at the Thanksgiving Service of the Living Spring Chapel International, Dominion City, Aduloju, Iwo Road/Ojoo Expressway, Ibadan, said that his government remains grateful to the Chapel headed by Pastor Femi Emmanuel and many other men of God across the state.
A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, quoted the governor as declaring that the prayers of the clerics have kept and sustained his administration since inception.


Makinde, while addressing the congregation, noted that it is when men of God participate in politics that the desired changes can occur in the country.
He maintained that only the participation of men and women of faith can give Nigeria a perfect and complete nation.



Makinde further charged the people to collect their voter cards so as to be able to vote for the candidates of their choice.
He added that his administration has been linking zones of the state together in order to decongest Ibadan and to spread development across the state.



He said “I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We have a lot of things to thank God for and that is why I have come to give thanks to God today. If we can cross from 2021 to 2022, we should be grateful to God.



“We thank you for the physical support you give us but it is nothing compared to the spiritual support. Your consistent prayers for us have kept and sustained us.


“And don’t stop. Continue to remember this administration in your prayers.


“During the sermon, the Pastor said one year is enough to do certain things. Well, this year 2022 is also a year that will define what will happen in Nigeria in the next four years.

“So, I want to encourage the children of God to participate in the political process. It is a pivotal year and we need to take that opportunity.

“Gone are the days some people will say our votes won’t count. If your votes had not counted in 2019, I would not have become the governor. So, let us encourage everyone to take the game beyond the reach of evil people.

“Personally, this is the 32nd month we have been in government. We were sworn-in in May 2019 and we still have roughly 16 months to go. I have seen that some clerics who love me and Oyo State have been praying that we run for the second term.

“But I am standing on the altar of God, if I don’t have any good thing to offer Oyo State further, I won’t like to return.

“But if God says we have more work to do, your prayers concerning the second term will be answered.

“When we came in 32 months ago, we looked at where we met the state and saw that there are few things that were either not standing on any foundation at all or standing on a very shaky foundation.

“So, we decided to lay another foundation. Before we got into government, there was nothing like OYSADA. We know that agri-business, agro-processing is where we have a comparative and competitive advantage.

“And if we need to expand our economy, we have to go back and make it work. So, we were deliberate in setting it up because whoever fails to plan is planning to fail and we all can see the result from that decision in 31months.”

He told the congregation that so far, his administration has been moving towards providing energy security for the state through the Light-up project, adding that this was achieved due to the cooperation of the good people of the state that paid their taxes regularly.

He added: “The Pastor also talked about the Light-up project. Yes, before now, there was nothing like the Ministry of Energy but we had to set it up and gave a mandate that there must be energy security in Oyo State and, in 31 months, we are moving towards providing energy security for the state.

“We were able to do all of these things because of your cooperation in the growth of the IGR, which is coming from your pockets.

” So, when they ask where I am getting the money from, it is definitely from the people but not through force. They have been asked to play their part and they are doing just that.

“We started 2021 with insecurity issues in the Ibarapa axis. We asked the traditional institution, religious leaders, and everyone to come together to assist and they did and we ended on a better note, security-wise.

“Well, there are challenges. The covid-19 pandemic came along the line and it is still with us and affecting socio-economic activities. Yes, it is getting better, we now know a few things to do. So, I encourage you to take all the necessary precautions and I pray that this year will be an exceptional one for all of you.”

The governor equally disclosed that the vision of his administration is to decongest Ibadan, by linking it to the nearest zone for the development of the entire state.

“Finally, I read in the social media a post where somebody said Ibadan is really getting chaotic; that people are trading on the road; those commercial motorcyclists have blocked the road and other complaints.

“Well, unlike what it used to be in the past, the vision of development is to decongest Ibadan. And if we want to do that, we need to link Ibadan to the nearest zone. And that is why, under this administration, Moniya to Iseyin is now 40 minutes but no longer than 3 hours.

“Now, Estates can spring up in Iseyin and they will live there and work in Ibadan or Lagos.

“Also, as we speak, Iseyin to Oyo will take you over 1 hour but, it will take only 20 minutes in six months’ time.

“Those are some of the wonders this administration is doing.


Speaking earlier, the presiding Pastor of the Living Spring Chapel International, Pastor Femi Emmanuel, urged everyone to always thank God for His benefits and favour.

He called on all and sundry to think of what we have that others do not have, saying this will make us appreciate the favor of God in our lives.

He also urged all political office holders in the state to put God first in all their dealings and always give glory to God.
The Pastor, therefore, admonished all residents of the state to continue their support of the Makinde-led administration in order to enable him to take the state to greater heights.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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