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What Really Is New In The Mundane Cycle Of A New Year?

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January 3, 2018

Some people say nothing is new about New Year, others take the new year seriously and stake their lives on it. Those of the first camp dismiss those of the second.
Those who believe in the newness of the year do not only jubilate on the opportunity to have made it into the new year, they have also made very serious preparations for the year by jostling to various religious places to offer prayers for protection and breakthroughs in the coming year.
New year resolutions are made with frantic resolve.
For this people, the new year is not only new, it is also a ‘predesigned’ year for the perfection of their heart’s desire.
Is the new year new?
Or is it just the next turn in the normal, mundane cycle of ordinary existence?

The year is there outside of us, like all other things. It grins as we impose our perspectives on our own self and inflict the pain on us, accordingly.
One of the greatest blessings of mankind is perspective, and the same is the curse of human life. Our perspectives do not touch the heart of earth, rather it deals directly with the core of our personal and collective lives, either positively or negatively. That is why we must mind our perspective.
Those who make ambitious claims about the nature of things must be careful, for in the long run they have not made claims about the nature of things but for their own lives.

The belief that nothing is new about the new year is a subsidiary belief to the general notion that nothing is new under the sun. But is nothing really new under the sun?
Ordinary existence says no. Phone and Information technology is a classic illustration of the vast possibilities that the future holds for human kind.
The smart technology of today was not known two years ago.
The social media applications and the updates that are made to them that continue to reinvigorate lives, close up distances and gaps more than ever before.
The growth of medical technology that was unknown a century ago.
The expansion in the space for freedom of expression and other critical liberties.
Biotechnology in agricultural practices.
The incursion into Africa and popularity of Shoprite and similar modern market techniques, with the glitz that make life beautiful and worth dying for.

These are some of things from mundane existence that show the history of man and time has not been static.

On the surface, everything looks the same to those who do not appreciate the slight changes that happen to things and to their own lives. But we know again that the world is for both pessimists and optimists, and the cynic in-between.
But the cynic must know that cynicism is existential apathy, and apathy will prevent the apathetic from getting the best from his short time on earth.
The pessimist should know that there is no glory for imposing negativity on existence, as he cannot actually impose negativity on existence but on himself.

Faith is optimism, and that is why we believe that the car engine will start if we turn the ignition. New year resolutions cannot all make it to manifestation but some will, and thus make improvement on the life of the person. A strong faith in the fresh opportunity a new year offers is a great tool for a human being. Time may be continuous in itself but years and seasons are the ways we make use of its benefits.

Cynics should not have the feeling they are being philosophical about life.
Not at all. Philosophy is positively oriented.

Happy new year all.

Written by Deji Adesoye
Deji Adesoye is a poet, political analyst and writer, especially on Existential Philosophy.

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Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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