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While China Opens World’s Highest And Longest Glass Bridge, Nigeria Celebrates Long Fuel Queues

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December 26, 2017









Youths rejoicing on China’s glass bridge, Nigeria’s world class but notorious fuel queues since the 70s.

China’s CCTV just released footages of the amazing technological feat of the world’s longest and highest glass bridge which has opened to visitors in Hongya Canyon Scenic Area in Pingshan county, North China’s Hebei province.
The bridge, 488 meters long and 4 meters wide, is paved with 4-centimeter-thick aero glass and can allow 600 people to pass through at the same time.
It is suspended between two steep cliffs 218 meters above the canyon floor.



This technological feat has become all the more amazing considering that thirty years ago when the Third Mainland bridge in Lagos was conceived, built and opened on then Nigerian military president Ibrahim Babangida’s birthday in the early 90s, China knew no modern bridges.



Like the hitherto decrepit, poor, run-down third world city state of Singapore which was transformed into a modern first world state by the exceptional vision and progressive leadership of Lee Kwan Yew, Nigeria continues to be lethargic and dragged backwards into the labyrinths of 18th century life by visionless leadership aptly captured by late professor Chinua Achebe as Nigeria’s greatest problem.




Nigerian commentators have watched the amazing transformations of bridges and other spectacular technological wonders using China’s huge pool of human assets and weep when they remember that 61 years of crude oil prospecting and production, the nation cannot produce its own petroleum products for domestic use, rather it imports, keeping its own trained petroleum engineers redundant while jobs are shipped to Asian and European destinations.



Lack of jobs has led many Nigerians on the perilous desert trip to Libya where they are butchered and have their key organs plucked out, then sold in the black market. All because of a failure of leadership to harness our huge human potential.



As a matter of irony, while Nigeria celebrates it’s longest fuel queues ever, China is dancing and laughing atop it’s longest and highest glass bridge at about the same period.





China’s longest and highest glass bridge.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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