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‘Why Would Peter Obi Be In The USA Campaigning To The Nigerian Diaspora Who Won’t Vote’ ?

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September 5, 2022





Peter Obi was in Washington DC, speaking to the Nigerian Diaspora, raising hope and charting the way forward to a workable future of security and prosperity.

Here’s some clarification:

Peter Obi’s Euro- Americas trip is a smart political move, demonstrating that Peter Obi’s focus isn’t just to get votes but to rebuild Nigeria.

Peter Obi is literally working like someone who has won the elections already. Peter is not campaigning, he is working. Bear in mind that constitutionally, campaigns haven’t started. So by law, no candidate should be campaigning now.

Instead of going to Dubai to look for a 5th lost wife, Peter Obi chose to use this pre-campaign season to rebuild the faith of Nigerians in diaspora in their country.

Fortunately, Peter Obi doesn’t have doctors in the UK so anytime he’s overseas, you are sure that he is there for one thing – to work.

Nigerians in the diaspora may not vote in 2023 elections but they will fund Peter Obi’s campaign. They will influence CNN. They will get world leaders to notice Peter Obi.

The difference between Peter Obi and others is simple – Peter Obi is powered by the masses while those contesting against him are funding themselves.

When campaigns start, you will understand the strategy behind Peter Obi’s Euro-Canada-USA trips.

I’ve never seen a man as Intentional as Peter Obi – he knows what he is doing. He is preparing to become the 1st Nigerian president in recent times who knows what he is doing. 80% of the presidents before him were either robots or mere pawns. Peter’s presidency will be driven by intelligence, technology, data and the masses.

So no, Peter Obi is not campaigning to diasporans, Peter Obi is mobilizing diasporans for a massive economic rebirth. Your relatives overseas are about to come home. It’s going to be an exciting time in our national history.













I had to explain this because I understand that many of you have never witnessed this level of politics before – especially those supporting ancestors. You have never witnessed a smart young Nigerian sacrificing his life to rebuild a broken nation. Get used to President Peter Obi’s style. He is here to lead, not to campaign.

Credit~Charles Awuzie

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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