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With Governor Inuwa Yahaya In The Saddle, Lighting The Streets In Gombe At Night, Seems Over

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February 2, 2020

Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya, Gombe State Governor.

Since the swearing in of the APC government of Inuwa Yahaya in Gombe State, the ethos of public governance as it concerns certain utilities seems to be adhered to mainly in the breech, observes some concerned citizens of the North eastern State.

Consider the observation by Mr. Ahmed Magem that “once Governor Inuwa Yahaya is not in town the street lights no longer work. Gombe people have now started saying that when you notice that the street lights are switched on, then it means that the Governor is in town. Even at that, once it is 12:00 midnight they switch off the lights. This is really sad. The town is now mostly plunged into pitch darkness which is not nice at all”.

Ibadan city has taken the lead in street lighting at night, especially in December.

Whereas it is assumed that the same civil servant or someone else was in charge of the generators when former Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo was in the saddle . And the lights never used to go off even if the Governor was not around, going by the “immediate past” accounts.

So what has suddenly changed?
Is it a lack of enforcement of regulations?

Mr. Ahmed Magem further notes that In the immediate past, residents and travellers coming into Gombe City were always happy to see the beautiful street lights working at night. It was not an uncommon sight to see people come to the Rainbow Roundabout for photo sessions. Many residents used to feel safer with the street lights on and this was also of immeasurable help to the police and other security operatives in the city.

December period usually saw Gombe come alight with beautiful December decorations with lights all over the state. This was an uncommon beauty and a thing of pride for many.

Ibadan at night in December with decorative lightings.

Now, it is so sad to note that all that now belongs to the past. There was no such decorations last December.

Another observation is that some of those responsible for watering the trees for the Gombe Goes Green project have resorted to selling the water in the tanks meant for the plants.

I hope those responsible for the street lights will decide to do the right thing for the good or the public. Eye service won’t do anyone any good.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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