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‘Would You Say Third World Countries Are Poor Because They Are Lazy?’ Conversations Between Sani, Ogundu And Abolo

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October 12, 2021

Greg Abolo:

Please, there’s hardwork, and there’s also something called smart work.

Therefore you’d have hardworking people with starving children.
But smart working folks who put in less “per hectare” may yet reap more.

Let the work start from the brain.

Dr Joseph Ogundu:

Third World countries are poor because they have lazy, incompetent, thieving and mentally deprived leaders. Let the real leaders takeover some of these countries with mentally lazy leaders that have limited knowledge of world views and you will see what happens.

No more excuses for African leaders and Africa as a whole because time is up. The leaders are lazy and incompetent. Anyone that wants to borrow money year after year, but does not want to work to pay it back, is lazy.

Look at Nigeria today. During the president’s first speech at the UN, he declared that Africa will never acquire nuclear technology and will never build nuclear weapons.

Yet his country struggles with abysmal electrical energy generation to power up its society and economy. But 90% of its weapons of war are imported. Almost everything under the sun is imported.

The first speech in front of the world is telling others that you are not interested in pursuing technology that has the potential of helping your country get out of darkness. Who puts such a backward thinking statement in the speech of the leader ? Such speech writers have done a huge disservice to the nation.
The real leaders clapped for him openly and went back to mock him.

Working and thinking leaders from non lazy countries that are in charge of the world laughed at that concept. Leaders and citizens of these countries believe that third world countries are run by lazy people and that the citizens are lazy as well. Lazy people build decrepit institutions, borrow and look for opportunities to beg for debt forgiveness.

They do not want to pay property taxes, business taxes, income taxes, sales and consumption taxes but they want countries where its citizens pay these taxes to lend them money. They eventually turn around to ask for debt relief. Please tell me what else qualifies as laziness in governance and building up a country.

Greg Abolo : Anthony N. Z. Sani, Dr-Joseph Ogundu has given you a smart answer, Sir.

Let me add something here.

Singapore was a Third World city state. They saw humiliation when Malaya kicked them out of the union over the weekend because they were seen as a ‘bummish’ unprogressive entity, incapable of helping itself.

Well, you saw what determined leadership did for it in 30 short years.
Singapore transformed into First World to the amazement of the world. Even Malaysia (former Malaya) remains mouth agape, hoping to play catch up.

Leadership, sir. Leadership.

Dr Joseph Ogundu:
Yes, any society that its leaders refuse to look at their counterparts like South Korea, Malaysia, India, and even China that 50 years ago, were in the same shape, but today have moved into first world while we continue to occupy the top of the third world, then our society has been run by lazy and incompetent people cheered by lazy citizens that always seek for handouts from other countries.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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