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Zamfara Folks: Not Fleeing Fast Enough From Killers, As Women In Purdah Join Protesting Kadaria

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April 8, 2018

Kadaria Ahmed.

Unbelievable number of trendy women no one would have believed originate from Zamfara state in Nigeria’s north west region are setting aside their veils to come out in the open, protesting over the evil and morbid destruction of human lives in one of the poorest and least developed states in the country.

Under the banner of ‘Zamfara Lives Matter’ movement, British Broadcasting Corporation trained Kadaria Ahmed, one of Nigeria’s easily recognizable international broadcasters who is from Zamfara State, removed her hijab that is practically mandatory in her home state that first launched the Sharia legal code at the beginning of the current democratic system that commenced in 1999. Zamfara state started the amputation of thieves under then Governor Ahmed Yerima.

Kadaria Ahmed put on a red coloured dress, signifying blood and a black scarf to express the mood of mourning, and led other members of the ‘Zamfara Lives Matter’ movement to protest the massacres of poor people in the state and the insensitivity of the government to the desperate plight of the citizenry in Abuja.

She accused the governor of the state, Mr. Abdulaziz Yari who is the Chief Security Officer of Zamfara state of being the worst governor in the history of Nigeria.

“The Zamfara I grew up in was affluent, peaceful”, she added, wondering why the oil mills, ginneries, tanneries, factories, etc all disappeared to, leaving the state decrepit and poor, with bandits having overrun it.

Perhaps poverty and fear of bandits on the highways have kept the poor there, dying “like flies”, according to Kadaria Ahmed.

She went on to make a demand on President Muhammadu Buhari, who the people of Zamfara voted massively for in 2015 and 2019 elections to show care for the people by providing security. Or to declare a State of Emergency.

Kadaria Ahmed has not been to her home state in over a year now because of the menace of kidnappings and killings.

She’s not the only Zamfara woman speaking out. The social media is awash with unbelievable number of videos by Zamfara women who are speaking out and regretting ever voting for President Muhammadu Buhari who they say, has failed to provide security.

Watch this angry woman without donning the hijab, questioning what wrong they have done to Buhari, while Police men watch as onlookers, allowing her to express her angry protest over the kidnappings and killings in Zamfara state.

In a response however, President Buhari has described himself as the unhappiest president, seeing the rate of killings and other forms of insecurity under his watch.

The government has therefore banned all mining activities in Zamfara state that is equally the home State of Nigeria’s Defense minister.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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