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December 12, 2017

These are certainly, not the best of times for ethnic communities in the country Nigeria as the nation wakes up to daily incidences of Falani terrorism.
If the records are kept accurately, the nature and pattern of attacks have been the same wherever they have occurred. For whatever reason/reasons, the authorities have chosen to call or refer to clear genocide against ethnic communities on their ancestral lands as herdsmen and farmers clashes and by so doing are deliberately sweeping these atrocities under the carpet.

I have always maintained that no Fulani herdsman will abandon his herd and go killing and burning down villages and whole communities. For the obvious reason that a symbiotic relationship exist and has existed for many years between the farmers and the herders the narrative being churned out referring to the terrorist content of the Fulani is clearly designed to mask the truth. That these attacks have worsened since 2015 is suspect given that a Fulani is president. Whatever agenda has been unfolding upon us, the Fulani must know that by their culture of being itinerant (nomadic) they met the communities they are now sacking already settled in the land.

I should say upfront without equivocating that whatever agenda the Fulani terrorist gangs are pursuing, it will never come to fruition. They got away with the political jihad of 1802 but they cannot get away with the current campaign by whatever name they call it.

Intriguingly, there are extant laws against the bearing of firearms in this country but it does not appear to apply to the Fulani since they move up and down with sophisticated military styled arms. With these arms the Fulani terrorists are destabilizing our country. Instead of calling a spade, a spade the authorities as it is, appear deliberate in downplaying the activities of the Fulani choosing to refer to them as farmers/herders clashes. I can therefore say conclusively that the Fulani terrorists attacking our communities are not the same Fulani herders that we have lived with for years

It is beginning to appear that the love and patriotism we once had for the fatherland is begining to wane which is why our people it appears are beginning to believe more in their ethnic enclaves rather than the larger national picture. If the first responsibily of a responsible government is to provide security and welfare for the citizens, am afraid that a deficit exists in this country. If our country men and women believe that the Nigerian State is capable of securing their lives and property why would there have been need for the ethnic militias operating in sections of this country?

When in the early 80s the President as GOC 3 Armoured Division of the Nigerian Army during the Chadian conflict fired by love/patriotism for the fatherland moved his operational headquarters to Maiduguri and from there dealt a humiliating defeat on the Chadian bandits, that was the hallmark of patriotism. Within the same period, Nigeria almost went to war with neighbouring Cameroon over her treatment of Nigerians in that country’s disputed territories and territorial waters.
At that time who are you to treat Nigerians with contempt or disdain ? Nigerians everywhere in the world held their heads high because we had a government that was passionate about the nation.

Oh, how times have changed, for today Fulani armed gangs have taken over the land, conducting military styled operations at will without anyone raising even a finger. Many conspiracy theories have been flying about some suggesting a Fulani conspiracy to take our land another is that what is playing out is designed to extend westward the frontiers if the Islamic State from their strongholds in the Greater Middle East. We may still be very far from the actual end-state which the conspiracy desires. As our patience is wearing out by the day, the terrorists must be assured that when the time comes when it certainly would, they will pay a price far greater than they would have bargained for.
For now the Fulani terrorists gangs are basking in the sunshine of posessing superior weapons and resupply which some victim communities are saying is by helicopter

The Fulani socio political and cultural organizations Miyetti Allah has not helped matters in the current debate regarding Fulani terrorism in this country. Since they hold the advantage for now, they have been spewing out incendiary pronouncements. That body has not seen anything wrong with what the armed gang members are doing. Never for once has this body condemned even in mild language any in the series of killings which have taken place on the land. The only occasion Miyetti Allah finds it’s voice is when they are at the receiving end as happened on the Mambilla plateau, Adamawa and Kajuru in Kaduna State not too long ago. By keeping quiet when they should be speaking out, Miyeti Allah appears complicit in the shedding of innocent blood. It further has the propensity of endangering even the lives of many innocent herdsmen.

To blame largely for the spate of insecurity in the land is government at the highest level. The selective nature of intervention in some of the crises by big brother leaves much to be desired. Whilst some are treated seemingly as special, others are treated as if they are part of a conquered territory. This is simply not in the interest of peace in our beleaguered nation therefore, we cannot afford to take that route.

Written by Dauda Gora

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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