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On Memory Lane With Peter Obi In Kano, And It Was The Silent Majority’s Incredible Courage That Woke Me Up

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January 23, 2023






Peter Obi, Labour Party presidential candidate in the February 2023 election was in Kano





I had watched and re-watched again and again, LP presidential candidate Peter Obi’s campaign visit to Kafanchan, a dusty and modest town where the first Nigerian President, Nnamdi Azikiwe was born and raised. He spoke fluent Hausa. Eventhough Kafanchan community has it’s distinct ethnic language. But it didn’t matter back then. The north was one region with one love and one people. It didn’t matter where you came from.

Then Bashir taunted, on Twitter.


I felt the media challenge in the adrenaline and watched. But Peter Obi would only go to the Stadium that he was given permission to use.

Kind of governor Abdullahi Ganduje to grant him the use of a stadium. Most kind of him anyway.




We saw the quiet, resolved and calm dignity in the Kano citizens who came from different parts of the ancient city like Kabuga, Janbuloc, Gwammaja, Dala, Kurna, Sharada and other sides. They trooped to Sabon Gari.




The citizens that descended on Kano Pillars (Sabon Gari) Stadium, came to see Peter Obi.

The compelling silence and quiet dignity of that majority in Kano looked to me like a people in search of hope, in search of a more meaningful future away from the perennial scarcity of petrol on the streets of Kano. An experience in Kano that started since the early years of military rule. It’s amazing, isn’t it ?
For a nation that produces crude oil, yet imports petrol.


Electricity shortages which mean that many more factories in Sharada and Challawa industrial estates will not operate.

And there’s this appalling violence of herdsmen versus farmers that means crop farmers would have to be on the run for their lives, herders too would be constantly fleeing from anger, whereas a synergy between the two groups ought to be a symbiosis of hope under mutual cooperation and prosperity.

I saw the silent majority in Kano want freedom. It showed in their ambience and in what they said.

Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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