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A Stronger, Safer Sweden: The Slogan PM Stefan Löfven Embodies With No Lockdown, How Is It Working Out ?

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May 7, 2020

Swedish Foreign Minister, Ann Linde {left), enunciating Prime Minister Stefan Löfvens message, ‘A Stronger Community, A Safer Sweden’ ,

On the streets of Stockholm and other cities of Sweden, one may see looming images of the Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven with the slogan,

A Stronger Community
A Safer Sweden.

Ann Linde on International television, showcasing Sweden, the best way a foreign minister does.

While the novel Coronavirus has kept the world hunkered down with death toll rising, many countries under lockdown with yet a lot more, like Japan extending theirs by another one month, Sweden dared to be different.

The Scandinavian country has not imposed social distancing. It merely asked its citizens to voluntarily do it. And they are complying. Bars, restaurants, gyms and most schools remain open. Things are going on normally.

High schools would graduate it’s final year students in June, but graduation balls are cancelled this year.

Social distancing in Sweden being adhered to voluntarily, unlike the bedlam at Nigeria;s bus-stops due to extremely few buses, bad roads and a huge population.

The Country’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Ann Linde was on international television selling the view and expressing how it really is, while exuding confidence, after all, the country has equipped hospital redundancy of about 20 percent. There seem to be no shortages of needed equipment from face masks to ventilators and other necessary equipment.

According to Ann Linde, even tourists can come into Sweden. But of course, from the EU countries, Britain and any other European country that may not belong to the Union. The Nordic country depends a lot on tourism and exports for it’s revenue.

While the world watches the Swedish strategy and asks if it’s risky coronavirus would work as the government’s approach to the pandemic has been very different from most other countries, people are free to gather in groups of up to 50. The strategy has broad support from the Swedish public but it is not without its critics. More than 2,000 experts have signed an open letter calling for stronger action.

Healthcare statisticians know that Sweden’s per capita death rate is much higher than that of neighbouring countries such as Norway and Denmark, both of which have gone into lockdown.

The current population of Sweden is 10,089,279 at mid year according to UN data, making it 0.13% of total world population. As regards Coronavirus statistics, there are 23,216 confirmed cases, 1,543 have recovered while 2,854 deaths have been recorded.

Critics have also accused the government of pursuing herd immunity, which is achieved when such a large percentage of the population has had the illness that it will stop spreading. The government denies that, while conceding that its plan could perhaps lead to herd immunity.

Sweden’s state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, who has become the face of the strategy, has said while the government is confident it has chosen the right course of action, it is not sure and is constantly reevaluating. Tegnell says the overarching goals of the policy are to ensure the health system is not overwhelmed and to have less strict measures than other countries so that those measures can be maintained over a long period.

As opposed to the total lockdown in other European countries, the economy of Sweden continues to boom and they are well able to take considerable care of its population while treating Coronavirus as just one of those illnesses, albeit a global pandemic.

Luckily, they have a good healthcare system. Unlike the shabby and derelict state of hospitals in Africa, due to it’s selfish, wicked and sometimes corrupt leadership.

Written by Greg Abolo

Additional information from:

France 24


Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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