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Africa’s Forced Uniformity And Homogeneity: A White Supremacists Construct, Leading To Genocide And Gender Violence

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August 14, 2021

Prime Minister Abiy Mohammed of Ethiopia. .

One particular occurrence that breeds genocide, infanticide, ecocide and also wanton rape of women and girl children in all it’s trappings of savagery in Africa is the issue of forced uniformity and homogenization which needs to be put an end to, for goodly progress to occur on the continent.

The idea that all black Africans are the same which they use to coerce manifest incompatible groups to cohere together is a white supremacist construct.

Take the case of the Tigrayan people who ideally should have their inalienable right to self-determination just like the Igbos in the British imposed Nigeria. Africa has to accept the concept that all people are not the same. Other groups that want to remain together and answer Ethiopia also have the right to do so, just like those who want to come together and be Nigerians.

The morbid propensity to murder each other for nothing, just to waste many years trying to perform the impossible task of forced unity is a fruitless exercise.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed should allow reason to prevail by allowing the Tigray people to exercise their rights. He should not allow himself to follow the path of Nigeria where genocidaires litter the space and those who raped Igbo women and girl children are regarded as role models.

Written by Aniekwe Chizoba Chukwuma.

(LLB UNISA, MPhil International Human Right Law University of Fort Hare).

Aniekwe Chizoba Chukwuma is an alumni of both University of Stellenbosch and Thabo Mbeki Africa School of Public and international Affairs.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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