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‘Alaye, Kilo Sele’? My Encounter With An Internet Fraudster On Facebook

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July 22, 2021

I got a request to allow a message in, on Messenger from a name I clearly recognized as an old Facebook friend, dating back ten years ago.
I hadn’t heard from her for almost eight years.

I responded to her hello, “Ah, Laurie, it’s quite an age. How are you doing ?”

Laurie lives in the UK, I think. One thing else I know about her is that she writes very good English.
But read her supposed message:

“Oh that is nice to hear from you ,,I’m not doing so well…I went to dr and tested positive for strep! Ugh!! other than that i am doing pretty good, glad to hear from you and have you heard about the good news yet?”

“The good news? The last time a pretty lady was telling me about some good news….she was pregnant with twins. First pregnancy! The doc called it priming”, I joked.

“I was just wondering if you have heard about the ongoing Community Development Block Grant(CSBG) program ?”

“No”, I answered, wondering what it was and where it was operating.

“The purpose of the (CDBG) is to *supports* projects that lessen poverty in communities, Funding the Retired, Government workers, Disability, and *the* address the *of*low-income *individual* including the homeless and *elderly do you get any money from them yet*?

I got $50,000.00 from the ongoing grant program when i *apply, And it not a loan* you don’t have to pay it back. Thought you’ve gotten yours from them. Do you know how to apply?*
( I mused..$50, just one individual? Looks like fraudsters are themselves, dumb !)

…”Here is the claiming agent* private text number (740) 206-8819 {Agent James Clark} just *send* him a text message right now with your full *name* saying *am* ready to apply for the CSBG Program.

“Is this scheme only for UK residents ?”, I asked.

“No it’s word world”. Lol. Perhaps he wanted to write, “worldwide”.

I think you should text him right now so that I can put you *through it Huh*?? (If he can put me through himself, why should I bother to call someone else?)

Have you *text* him, *what was* he *responds*??

I replied, “Send me your own phone number”, followed by his outburst, “Alaye kilo sele”.

Note: To catch a fraudster, or see through his fake schemes, doesn’t really take much. Watch out for odd tidbits. Flag anything out of character.
Laurie cannot write the horrible English written here. She won’t be talking about one scheme that is simply out of the blues that is not region, or country specific. Neither did it mention the source. Far too bogus for anyone’s liking.

Greg Abolo.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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