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March 30, 2016


Most men of all ages want ladies in their twenties but most ladies in the 20s want men closer to their age. Unfortunately, there are not enough men in their twenties to satisfy the needs of all those ladies in their twenties. Some of the men are just not ready for huge responsibilities of marriage at that age anymore unless they have rich families insisting they get serious with their girlfriends. They would rather wait to plan until they accumulate wealth or save enough money.

What drives other ladies to older men other than money?
Plenty: elevation of status or security. Most women, more than most men, are very educated consumers when it comes to choosing a partner, even in their twenties. Though as men get older, they become wiser. When it comes to young tote, the older they are the easier they lose their senses. Many have been taken for rides!

While delaying marriage, young men join others in their thirties and sometimes those in their forties. We know that at this point, families would become worried wondering if their offspring are going to get serious about producing grandchildren. In some cases, the ladies these young men would love to get married to may be wishing to hook up with a different young man in his twenties. An irreconcilable mismatch posting some women into their thirties may be regretted.

The same is true of the young men, as they procrastinate into their thirties and forties, they are no more in the favored age group most ladies in their twenties would like to marry. Since ladies in their twenties prefer young men around their age. Remember that men of all age groups prefer women in their twenties. By the time men wait until their thirties and forties, they are not looking for women in their age group anymore. They want younger ladies, in the twenties!

When many of the ladies get to their thirties, they have become highly matured, wiser, many with good careers and knowing what they want from men. Sometimes, it is the turn of these ladies to attract men in their twenties. Especially those young men still struggling to find a niche. One pretty lady brought her case to family court against a man in his twenties that ditched her for a younger girlfriend. She was ten years older, but still pretty as a rock, better off with older men.

This lady never saw herself as a cougar in her thirties, if anything, she looked as young as the boyfriend. The court and the boyfriend’s mother could see through the young man as a user that lived between his mother and his girlfriend’s house driving her car. She demanded in her claim, most of what she gave him including money as loan contingent on payback as soon as he got a better job. Well, it sounded like a code word for … only if he finally married her.

Women in their thirties are not so frantic to get a man but they harbor a feeling of helplessness if they get squished closer to their forties. They have to make the decisions whether to look for more matured and older man that will cuddle them like a gem. Either keep hope alive for a man around their age or continue their careers and settle down as cougars later on. They may not be so desperate if they have good jobs but they also longed for a satisfying relationship with a man.

Factors career ladies in their thirties preferred in a partner include a gentleman that is just as educated, carry himself both in the relationship and in a circle of friends. But there are many single men with good paying blue-collar jobs looking for educated ladies. These ladies would keep them on the side to satisfy their sexual needs but will never go out with them or even get pregnant for him. How can anyone claim she is looking for a man, when one is right in her bed?

Well, if you work hard and paid your dues, there is nothing wrong with desiring someone in the same class. Sex is important but not the overriding quality most women desire in a man. There was a survey that asked married women if they want more sex in their marriage, most women said yes they do. But when asked if they would leave their husbands to get married to someone else for more sex, majority said no; they would rather stay with same man. Which country!

There is a general consensus that by the time ladies get into their thirties, the age of partners is no longer a big deal. It comes from the notion that nobody should be getting into the sexual preference of a grown woman, no matter the age of the partner. This article stated that men of all ages prefer women in their twenties and ladies in their twenties prefer men around their age. In their thirties, ladies relax age preference to accommodate prevailing market for good men.

By the time women get to their late thirties and forties, single or divorced, they are ready or prepared to play cougars. The same ladies that dress older as teens for older men, would do anything to look younger for men of any age: diet, cosmetic surgery, bleaching, padded butts or boobs, fake hair. Even then, women are more discreet than men, with taste for younger partner. It may have something to do with community norms, double standard or men’s dominance.

Older men have more to gain from ladies in their thirties and forties than they do in preference for ladies in their twenties. As stated earlier, ladies are very educated consumers in their choice of men from their late teens. The general observation is that ladies in late teens or twenties looking for older men want a lot more than relationship. They want money, as everyone but not necessarily as much security as older ladies: young ladies may have no intention to stay as long.

It is the same relationship cougars crave for, in younger men – older ladies get excited and toy boys get enthralled. Both realizing their relationship is not going to last. Older men are sucked into believing that the relationship with young ladies would last forever; as some plan escape!

What is clear though, older men with young ladies last much longer than young men with older ladies. Reason: if young ladies stay long in the relationship nature holds them with children that are improbable from older ladies with young men. Try a Iara Oshiomhole or a Monica Lewinsky.

Written by Farouk Martins Aresa.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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