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Anambra Governance And The Fierce Urgency Of ‘Now’ In Education

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Chief Osita Chidoka

In light of the 22,000 school teachers in Kaduna State who could not pass a basic primary school examination set by the government to test it’s own teachers, Oasis Reporters sought to hear from the Osita Chidoka Campaign Organization on the plans the United Progressive Party Candidate, Osita Chidoka has for the education sector in Anambra State. .

Iyke Okonkwo is an enthusiast for Osita Chidoka’s campaign to be governor of Anambra State.

He said, “Our educational system needs to undergo a drastic reform. We need new thinking, new strategies, new energy. Our teachers need to be trained better. Our classrooms need to be better equipped. Our students deserve better incentives.

That is why we need to support Osita Chidoka to become the next Governor of Anambra State. Among the other candidates, he is the only one who has done his homework right, picked out our problems and proposed practical solutions to them. I don’t see why he doesn’t deserve our support.

A vote for Osita Chidoka, a vote for UPP is a vote for quality education”.

Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie is the Director of Media for the Osita Chidoka Campaign Organization and she said “Ideas rule the world of today and people are choosing to break free of the status quo – the normal, the expected – and align with ideas that have the potentials to produce positive results in the shortest possible time.

The fierce urgency of NOW” .

She is calling on Anambra citizens to “support a candidate with the right ideas and approach to progress. A tested and trusted candidate, one who is focused and deliberate; result oriented and strategically motivated to deliver the best and produce progressive results”.

She adds further that “Osita Chidoka is the right man with the right ideas to take Anambra to the right places. Don’t just take my words for it, click on this link:; check it out for yourself; then do like I always ask you to:

Tell your yard people
Tell your street people
Tell your area people
Tell your community
Tell your friends and foes
Tell everyone around you…

…that the right time is now, and the right man for the job is Osita Chidoka”.


On his own part, Osita Chidoka appreciates the work that Anambra teachers put in to remain in the top 5 of Nigeria’s best performing states in education, but admonishes that they have to be world beaters before their products who are Anambra children can compete and score higher than children from other global destinations. Therefore they must not rest on their oars.

A UPP government will rely on the training and retraining of teachers to give the state the credential of being the best producers of world’s most competent and skilled manpower.


Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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