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Angst, Furore That Trailed Mrs Abbo’s Defense Of Husband, And The Humiliating Climbdown

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July 4, 2019

Senator Abbo and family.

Despite the overwhelming CCTV evidence, Senator Abbo’s wife had risen to the defence of her husband, and this was while the viral video footage of the violence newly elected Adamawa North Senator Elisha Abbo unleashed on a hapless shopkeeper trended. She took to her Facebook account calling her husband, “babana”, meaning, “my father” in Hausa, a language commonly spoken in Northern Nigeria.

“I stand with you babana and we will always stand for truth” – Senator Elisha Abbo’s wife reacts, says her husband is innocent

Perhaps owing to the furore that greeted her post, she pulled the post down, not after many social media activists had screen grabbed it.

Comments like, “Gosh, who is this village woman?”

“Am (I’m) sure she is used to domestic violence”

Prisca-Wealth Eghomwanre commented on Linda Ikeji blog,
“You see the way that Useless Brute of a Senator reacted? With sucker slaps? You heard what he reacted to? The simple statement – Take It Easy Now.
If there were no CCTV cameras in that store, some of you will tell us how the story doesn’t add up. There is more to that story. Let her say the truth, what did she say to him? Nobody can react so violently to such a simple statement? She must have insulted him? I’m sure she was trying to seduce him and he said No, that’s why she is making up this story. What is a decent girl doing working in a sex shop, Awon ashawo kobokobo girls. She is a prostitute jare. Do you know how these girls keep chasing after these senators? They will do anything to sleep with them. There are loopholes in her story. If you believe that girls story you must be stupid. How can someone beat you up mercilessly because you asked him to take it easy? And you expect us to believe that nonsense? Get out of hia!!! That girl should stop lying jor. Fear women, they can bring a man down for nothing. Women are liars. . Can you see yourselves…. !!! Can you just see yourselves….!!! The story doesn’t add up to you doesn’t mean that the story is not true. When you think you are being smart, you are actually being fooled by criminals who understand how to execute crime in a manner that is unbelievable to the average person”.

Another anonymous comment : “Thank you o, afi village woman Na. Awon bush meat. What’s he innocent of? This isn’t an accusation but a fact and well evidenced crime shown in the video we’re all seeing. I can’t deal with you ladies just blindly supporting your spouse instead of just trying to get them to better the situation”.

Queeneth said,

“No be small village woman…. she don collect slap tire”

And the mockery from Chimalee says,
“Babana kii you there!!!”

The truth is bitter also added from his “own assessment if u check her last picture her head as been shifted from her neck with constant slap and beating also using make up to cover some bruises…I was told confidentially that the man do beat her with belt sometimes cane so she didn’t see it as a big deal cos she is more like a giveaway to him.”

Another Anonymous comment :
“Even when there is evidence they will call it a lie. Always believe the victim. Even pastors wife claimed her husband was innocent, when she herself is an accomplice”.

“Everyone has a right to defend their spouse lool.”, -Anonymous.

tholu kunle wrote:
“lol..burnt Plantain….only God knows how many slaps you received from your abusive husband Today before u shared that on your Facebook Page”.

And from Chiomsky comes this:

“So this bonga fish of a woman did not watch the video…what is all these nonsense of women supporting their evil husband …is this love or what?”

Doll replied :
“Money nah!”

Anonymous :

Anonymous :
She is wife number two, what do you expect.. low lives..

Anonymous :
Just as pastors wife denied allegations on behalf of her rapist husband, even women are used to reinforce toxic masculinity. Fear and ignorance. Your husband is buying dildo with another woman he beat up, for vomiting because he impregnated her and you are calling the video evidence lies. Awon oloshi.

The Senator Must Step down

Rosy added :

Where did they dig u out? I believe that’s how he beats u at home too. .the wowoest monkey ever seen.

Anonymous :
Block brain………..just shut up

Umunnah Uche:
The woman is blind if she couldn’t see what her husband did in that video

So cctv Dey lie ? … rubbish


Nawa oh… Give Youth youth chance all the time.. But when power gets into their head and hand they start misbehaving like a hungry lion

Anonymous :
Innocent of what? Hitting the woman or not being the person in the video. Aunty, you no dey make sense. Lmao. Look at her though?

Ben Bay:
kilo kan aiye?!

It is obvious she is punching bag for the man at home. How could you deny such a glaring assault ? Na real baboon

Abeg laf wan kee me. Who be dis one again? God have mercy. Kontinu ooooo.

Sorry o, but the wife is the ugliest northern woman I have ever seen. Jeez! It explains why he was buying dildos for those two ash*wo gals. This is someone that is supposed to be an HONORABLE and DISTINGUISHED Senator. Don’t they have orientation for them on how to conduct themselves in public. Do they know they are public servants. Senators are meant to be classy and the top of the top. Our senior most politicians. See ya life nah? Slapping a young nursing mother because you wan have sex with olosho. Shame on you! Small time now abuja police will be arresting olosho at clubs not the politicians they service. To MRS. Senator – How can he be innocent when we have video evidence of him slapping a young woman and seizing her personal property without a warrant? Is that not assault and stealing? No matter what the woman may have said we expect our senators to be bigger and mature to withhold their anger. Obviously he beats you at home. This is a very violent man the whole state of Adamawa has sent to represent them. He needs to be immediately sanctioned. I will sue him if I was the girl, get Falana or one of those relentless lawyers. People, we need to march for this one too o! I have to find a good tagline….#stopsexuallydeviantpublicservantsassaultonwomen


What’s there to stand with? It’s a video madam. I am also sure it wasn’t you he went to buy those sex toys for. He is even well known there sef. Na regular customer. But just like Mr Fatoyinbo, the wives will rather shield these men and not because they believe in them but crying in a mansion is better than crying in a SCA.

She is wife number two..

she saw the video and deleted her post. you have money and power and u begin to misbehave.

sylvester :
Very bad and wicked of him !not fit for senator


Who did we offend in this country??? Lmao!!! This one is just a big fool, you can see live evidence and you can he went there with a lady, now you feel you have a voice to defend what does not need defending. We are working with objective data you fool. Pls am done!!!

Beautifullll :
She dey chop her own beating for house nah. Drunk husband in a sex toy shop with another lady not you (his wife) assaulting a woman and you support him?? Choi I pity this village woman, better open your eyes before you end up in a body bag madam supporter of EVIL. Power drunk mofo. Juliet Iwuno take note!

i LAUGHED SO HARD I ALMOST CRIED!!! No be only Babana. Your husband carried three assistant wives to buy auxiliary tools to use in “zee oza room” and while there, beat up an innocent woman and you are talking about standing? You and Modele should be best friends. People blinded from birth can see more than you and you don’t know when to be quiet. Is it with CCTV camera video you are saying people are talking about your husband? Did you see people gossiping about him on CCTV or him acting like a creature from the wild? Your husband has acted and talked too loudly for anyone to add mouth. When women like this marry early, their fellow women should not envy them but be grateful- they are helping to clear road for better customer. Just imagine the beatings and threats she must have received before typing this nonsense. Dino Melaye’s ex wife was a similar case- beaten up to the point of bleeding, a laptop smashed on her head after enduring serial infidelity till she escaped through divorce. Imagine the infections Mrs senator has treated and the ones she may have to manage for the rest of her life. This their arrangement is not glittering and it definitely is not gold. Madam, better receive sense to run before he kills you.


Lol sometimes i feel like Nigerian wives are the ones encouraging the wayward behaviours of their husbands all in the name of being stand with which truth??? Even with video evidence…na wa!

Oluwabusayo Joseph:
Satan punish you in Jesus name. First off!!! You should be very ashamed to speak that your husband was in a sex toy to gift his mistress a vibrator, or could it be you? Is it that all the tramadol and burantachi up there in the north isn’t enough to satisfy your thirst and hunger for an exhausting libido? Upon all the senate money wey you na dey chop on top sey u na siddon cross leg for chamber and all the makeup you rub on making you look like a circus clown or the Joker, you still no fine. Very ugly ogre, you remind me of the Babayaga or the babushka lady from the Russian folklore. Because it’s the culture up north there to subject women to maltreatment and slavery and you are getting used to it doesn’t mean you can just assault the common Nigeria that put you in that position of power.


when the evidence is clear. which truth again doo u want. first ask ur husband what he is doing with another woman for sex toy. yeye dey smell


Ori è dun è. Your fellow woman was abused by your monster husband. And u open your palasa mouth to support him. God please make me your minister of thunder. I promise I won’t disappoint you lord. By now u for kno where u and your husband for dey.

Anonymous: May he innocently brutalise your face like he did that girl. You’re blinded by the pecks of the marriage that’s why you would feign blindness to a video evidence showing your stupid and foolish husband abusing another person’s wife and mother. Since he’d innocent, may somebody treat your daughter the way he treated that lady. I no blame you na Naija where anything goes as long as you have money.

David Chuks:
If u like stand with Banana or Babana, it’s not what people are saying, but what people are seeing, abi was d CCTV camera doctored?

These kind of women who marry these kinds of husbands and don’t let the world know what they are passing through- maybe the man even seized her phone to type this nonsense. Somebody’s father doing what touts in Oshodi hide to do. Not too young to make a fool of yourself. Not too young to be a savage. Not too young to be a hooligan. Hopefully, the other young politicians who won can show a better example because this guy has topped Yahya Bello on the fail list.


What truth are you standing for when the evidence is already right in your naked eyes. Is this type of women husband will beat at home and she will cover him up

Adefemi Adebowale:

At first I wanted to feel pity for her for having married a monster and a woman beater but on a second thought, I think she deserves it. What is wrong with most of the women in this part of the world. Yes we know the difficulties, cultural and religious injustice women face but most of you women add to it by your silly actions. Why must you defend your men when they commit atrocious acts like rape, battery, assault, e.t.c. all in the name of I want to save my marriage. Women please empower yourselves, stand for what is right, don’t be part of the problem, you don’t need a man or a marriage to complete you because you are perfect and complete the way you are.


He is already slapping this one.


That’s how you have been chopping slap from him.

This is just initial gragra very soon she go talk how the guy dey rape and use sex toys on her. Anyway this calls for our security and judicial system to go to work. Oh I forgot he’s now a senator and untouchable only if he’s an APC member though.


Thank God for Technology, otherwise these ugly muchachas would have denied the whole drama. He should be dealt with asap

This woman funny. Please watch the video again before you stand with him…

Mr 47:
I want to believe that as at the time she posted the message, she was yet to see the video so I won’t insult you.

Anonymous :
You stand for domestic abuse and violence against vulnerable women. People like you are the problem society faces.

Many are showing gratitude for the rescue CCTV footage now offers the innocently accused by exposing unbelievable behavioral traits in people

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