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Aptly Supportive Billboard For Peter Obi In Uyo: ‘From Consumption To Production’ Under A Table Of Fruits

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August 12, 2022





By Greg Abolo


The theme that says it all, not only for Nigeria, but applicable to all of Africa.




It was interesting watching Peter Obi do a comparative analysis of human capital and land between Bornu state and the state of Israel. Yet Israel exports agro produce in billions of dollars. Bornu state has more land, perhaps three times the land mass of Israel.

The population of food beggars beggars belief in Bornu.

Compared to the Netherlands in terms of export billions in agro produce, the case of Bornu shows what leadership can propel and make a difference between consumption and production.



Peter Obi definitely has ideas to implement and pull everyone along to give Nigeria prosperity in an economy beyond oil.

He’s a trader that was invited to directorship of the smallest bank in Nigeria, then two years after, became the chairman. He took the smallest bank to a twenty five billion naira bank in quick short steps. Just by taking the bank on the right direction.

Nigeria needs such a man.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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