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As April-June 2021 Profits For Twitter Hit $1.9B, Adverts Alone Hauling In $1.05B, What Nigerian Worries Remain For It ?

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July 30, 2021


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According to public affairs analyst, Kelechi Deca, “a large population can either be a demographic, divided. Or a demographic burden”.

He was commenting on the perceived effects of Nigeria’s continued ban on social media giant, Twitter. The belief in certain quarters is that the ban might somehow be hurting the global company seriously.

The response of Yemi Ajayi was an eye – opener.

“Nigeria’s size has contributed nothing to Twitter’s growth. So, definitely it doesn’t need the Nigerian market.
Nigeria’s claim on Twitter’s operations has never been data driven.
Both government officials and their ‘vuvulezas’ just bandy about figures of doubtful provenance.
They say Twitter has 40 million users in Nigeria, but when fact checked, it was about 3 million. Besides, not all the users can be targeted for adverts. And that’s where the money is; not users per se.

Elizabeth Sama Obileye added her voice in a debate followed by The Oasis Reporters.

“I have been wanting to say something about this. YES, Nigeria has population density to be envied if only the population was made up of a large proportion of high earners and of high net worth people with earning activities, a population ready to spend!

” In the past, wealth indicators focussed on a country’s capacities. Not so anymore! The capacities of the population is now, or now, ought to be an important indicator! If you put out a product priced at $500 and only fifty (50) people out of two hundred million (200 million) people can afford to buy it in your country, you would lose out completely!! So time to start to rethink strategies, policies and indeed remove anything that hampers or impedes creative solutions!!!
Still, we need to learn from them and change to take better advantage of our times!!

From Fnwa Ontheroad comes this comment:

“They keep claiming that foreign businesses need the Nigerian market because of this population size delusions. Fantasies of a huge market which should have the attraction point for foreign companies. Whereas, in reality, a population can either be an asset or liability depending on several variables such as human capital development, level of inclusive socioeconomic growth, per capita income, purchasing power, happinomics index etc”.

The jury is still out on the proprietary wisdom of the prolonged ban and it’s impact on data driven emerging businesses and digital media space development.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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