Atiku’s Template Of Problem Solving Presidential Candidates: See Some Cap Wearing Ones, But Who Does It Fit ?

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January 26, 2022



Development minded Nigerians have been urging Peter Obi to present himself to Nigerians as choice for the presidency.
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By Greg Abolo

Nigeria’s former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, who has also been a contender for the presidency said the country needs a capable leader that will address the problems facing the nation.

Atiku stated this in Abuja at the 19th edition of the Daily Trust dialogue which featured the theme, “2023: The Politics, Economy and Insecurity.”

“What is important now is to identify a competent leader that can get us out of these crises.

“We have the capacity to pull this country out of her present predicament. We must do the needful and most importantly, I believe a leadership that will prioritize education is desirable,” Atiku said.

Indeed, Nigeria’s problems that currently seem insurmountable are solvable under visionary, competent, committed and patriotic leadership.

At The Oasis Reporters, we called upon our graphics department to summon the best talents to give us a theme and a cartoon on ebullient elder statesman, Atiku Abubakar’s template on who should run to the front into the massive Nigerian construction site.

That is our exclusive cartoon that you can find on this page.

Nigeria has had quite a few sweet talking, promises giving candidates who end up leaving the nation worse off.

There have been leaders who get in there and soon afterwards start fighting with all their fingernails for oil blocks, either fresh ones or any that can be snatched from holders who have fallen out of political favour.

Such leaders have to be resisted and rested.

Some potential leaders have just one penchant to keep borrowing as they drive their states into unredeemable debt peonage in the face of their astonishing and sudden wealth, most times unexplainable.

Many of them lack the requisite knowledge to grow an economy. Such leaders depreciate even the resources they meet in their home states. Those are the ones who can’t even pay their labourers their wages. They have to be avoided.

There’s also a group of leaders who are capable of building their economies at state level. They do build, no doubt. But when you look at their output against the backdrop of receipts received, you know that though they built, yet they stole more than they worked. They may have built cities for so much, they could have done a Dubai or built several Dubai’s in Nigeria. But they build some, and pocket much more.

Despite all the negatives listed above, Nigeria has been slightly lucky to have had some leaders who built from scratch and one can visibly see the output. In this, one must not fail to mention Peter Gregory Obi, former Anambra State governor who is an all round forthright and God fearing administrator.

Peter Obi met a ‘broke’ state, but pulled it out of it’s broken state by creating an investment friendly pedestal in a secure environment for the state to prosper.

Industries homed in on Anambra State and by the time he left office, the state treasury was beaming with broad smiles, not from Federal allocations, but wealth gained from ” solid personal achievements”, if one must quote from late Prof. Chinua Achebe who once said that the problem with Nigeria was leadership.
Pure and simple.

In the past, The Oasis Reporters had published a series of articles on the extraordinary feats of Peter Obi, from security to infrastructure and economic development policies that make Anambra State citizens thump their chests in pride.

This write up shall therefore not rehash them.

Besides Peter Obi, there are also other incredibly good leaders. Despite the law that prevents States from generating electricity and also distributing it, Governor Godwin Obaseki has shown gumption in working around that law to build a power generating entity at Ossiomo which is now supplying electricity to amongst other bodies, the Benin Airport owned by the federal government.

It shows that Obaseki knows how to solve endemic problems. Electricity has remained a huge behemoth of a problem that is clogging Nigeria’s progress. The federal government probably believes that it is a problem that can never be solved.

Oyo state governor, Seyi Makinde has shown that he is a fast learner, ready to do useful things for the good of his people.

This list is not exclusive. There are other leaders, north and south. This list of about three are amongst the few I’m acquainted with, in the midst of well known leadership misfits that one knows.

But is Nigeria ready for a builder? But we must build a cohesive and well developed nation to attract our fleeing experts and keep them here to build a nation that would be the pride of Africa.


The time is now.

The ball is in the court of it’s voters.


Greg Abolo is the managing editor and publisher of The Oasis Reporters

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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