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Belief In Hierarchical Politics: How The Notion That Trafficks In Fear, Prejudice, Ethnic And Religious Politics Will Fail

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February 7, 2023







Nigeria’s presidential candidate of the Labour Party (left), French President Emmanuel Macron who was not in charge of any political party before he was swept into office, thus retiring the old guard.

By Greg Abolo

It seems that merchants of fear, prejudice, ethnic and religious politics are jittery at the sudden turn of events with the seeming resolve of Nigerians to take their destiny into their own hands with the coming presidential polls this February 25, 2023.

A report by Middle Belt Times
@MiddlebeltTimes says that the
Kaduna State governor, Mallam Nasir
El rufai has referred to some parts in the geographical North as Christian “enclaves”, adding, “ but how many are they”.

What a chilling slip that is regarded as not only derogatory, but equally contemptuous. Those who know what befell Southern Kaduna under his governance would feel alarmed, naturally.



El-Rufai seems to have no idea that people are simply fed-up with the leadership imposed multidimensional poverty Nigerians slipped into under the watch of the ruling APC

Beyond the debilitating poverty all over the country, worse still is the unbridled killings especially in the north by bandits of defenseless indigenous citizens. According to El Rufai, those are voters from highly populous states.

Would they continue to listen to those with the powers to stop the killings but did not? Will they continue to vote for them or their minions ?

See what the north is like now:




Still, people do rise majestically above their level to reach amazing heights



President Hakainde Hichilema (left), Peter Obi

@Spotlight_Abby said she loves, appreciates Babachir Lawal’s vulnerability and sincerity in a Channels TV interview where he traced how Northern Christians’ unbiased support for others spanned the years, yet they get killed and get treated unfairly in public employment. He cited his personal story as well as Deborah’s killing in Sokoto.

“Labour Party is gaining momentum in unexpected areas; it is taking the APC and PDP by storm because they never, initially factored Peter Obi into the political permutations, says a former Secretary to the Government of the Federation Babachir Lawal according to a report by Channels TV.

But Atiku Abubakar is asking them to hold on because it is not yet their time since they do not have structures and are not in charge of any local government, State, legislature etc.

But was then 39 year old Emmanuel Macron in charge of any political party because he swept into office in France?


Atiku Abubakar’s interview on the BBC







But to watch what he had to say about Peter Obi, copy and paste the link below on your browser to take you to Facebook.


Responding to Gov. Nasiru Elrufai of Kaduna State’s claims that Northern Christians are insignificant and inconsequential, Kaduna based pastor, Azzaman Azzaman shares some facts.

“Facts check:

These are 5 predominantly Christian states in Northern Nigeria based on the official census figures of 2006 ( In the case of Kaduna and Adamawa election of Governors should not be the basis for Population assessment, since many Northern Christians were disenfranchised, thus did not vote)

Plateau State -3,206,531

Taraba – 2,294,800

Benue – 4,253,641

Kaduna- 6,113,50 – Kaduna Christians are not less than 3m

Adamawa – 3,178,950

From these five states alone we are talking of not less than 15 (fifteen) million Northern Christians.

Not included are:

Southern Gombe
Southern Kebbi (Zuru and the Dukawa axis)
Southern Bauchi
Southern Borno (Chibok is 90% Christian) Southern Yobe ( Fika area of Yobe) has a substantial Christian Population.

“I worked in Katsina State for 4 years and therefore, nobody will tell me Hausa Christians are not at least up to 40% of Katsina state population.

4 Local Governments of Kano are predominantly Christian. Doguwa, Tudun Wada, Rogo and Sumaila LGAs. In some of these places I mentioned like Lere LGA where I come from in Kaduna State you will see 20 churches before you would see 2 mosques. Go and verify, Nasiru Elrufai. Lere is part of your State.

I did not mention:
Nasarawa State
Kogi state,
Kwara state
Niger State.

Northern Christians are estimated to be not less than 50m. I dare Governor Nasiru Elrufai, let’s restructure NIgeria and let Religion be included in the next Nigerian population census.

Northern Christians and fair-minded Northern Muslims, do not allow religious bigots to use psychological warfare to dampen your spirit. Come out with your PVCs, all democrats let us prove to who the former President Olusegun Obasanjo referred to as a “pathological liar” that he’s wrong.

This is the same narration Nasiru Elrufai has been giving anywhere he speaks about Christians, saying that they are 30% of Kaduna State, before he launched his Muslim-Muslim ticket in 2019, he further reduced it to 27% giving Population figures with his religious bigotry biased mind, which does not even appeal to liberal Muslims. We hear their views and know that bigots do not represent them.


No rational minded human being takes El-Rufai seriously.

Fearful people always speak from both sides of the mouth. We know for sure that he’s one of those jittery about the expected Peter Obi landslide victory. Whereas he shouldn’t.

The same Nasiru who said Obi can’t garner up to 200 persons in Kaduna at a rally. Obi has come to Kaduna for campaign rallies and the outcome astonished El-Rufai

All the noise he’s making is just empty and of no consequence. ‘About to expire’ Politicians should not be given any relevance, nor taken seriously.

Azzaman Azzaman

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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