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Benin Varsity Inventors Develop 75km/hour Utility Vehicle To Reshape Nation’s Transport, Agric Industries

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March 1, 2022


The newly developed 75km/hour utility vehicle invented by innovators at the just concluded Edo Technology and Innovation Expo, held in Benin City.

Innovators at the just-concluded Edo Technology and Innovation Expo held in Benin City are confident that their latest invention, a one-ton truck, could drive the growth of the nation’s transport and agriculture industries with adequate funding and commercialization.

The expo with the theme, “Leveraging on Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Economic Growth and Development,” served as a platform to unite local inventors and other stakeholders in the state’s tech community, showcasing the latest inventions that abound in institutions in the state like the universities, polytechnics, technical colleges, as well as private innovators, artisans, and private companies, among others.

Apart from the one-ton truck invented by the University of Benin, other cutting-edge innovations at the five-day expo include an automatic fingerprint machine; a 5,000 litre/per day locally-made modular refinery capable of producing engine oil, kerosene, fuel and gas, and a pyrolyzer, among others.

The programme is part of efforts by the Governor Godwin Obaseki-led administration to harness the potentials of Edo youths and grow a new generation of global tech leaders.

According to Engr. Igbinosa Eghosa, a Ph.D. student of the Department of Production Engineering, University of Benin (UNIBEN), “The one-ton truck, when commercialized, will reshape the transport and agriculture sectors, translating to economic growth and prosperity for the state and country.”

He said over 80 percent of the materials used for the manufacturing of the truck, which runs at a speed of 75km/hour, is sourced locally, noting that “this could create more employment opportunities for youths in the state.”

The inventor stated that the manufacturing of the utility vehicle was to complement the government’s efforts at improving the economy of the state through transportation, adding, “There’s no economy in the world that is not driven by transportation.”

Eghosa further noted, “Transportation is very vital when it comes to the development of any nation. One of the cheapest ways to transport materials is by road, of which the automobile is part of it and one of the cheapest automobiles that we can actually have is something like this.

“This utility vehicle as you can see is durable; it is cheap to maintain because the parts are local and the engine is small and common. Our farmers need something like this. It can be used by those engaged in small businesses as well.”

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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