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Bero Replies The Federal Government On Its Response To OBJ’s Letter.

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January 28, 2018

Obasanjo (left), Buhari.


I have read your response to former President Olusegun Obasanjo and it is nothing more than your usual propaganda and lies from the pit of hell. Let me use some of the prognosis of your administration vis-a-vis the many lies told in reponse to the former President.

For the records, in one of your paragraphs you made claims on the defeat of insurgencies. I make bold to say that we need no deep perusal to evaluate your recent action on the demand for another $1 Billion to persecute the same war against insurgency you claimed to have eliminated.
Can we just accept you are indirectly telling us this is to fight the menace in the middle belt? Quite a sensible claim if it is but trust me that would not fly.

You also claimed to have fought corruption to a stand still but the records are clear and glaring. There are various corruption allegations in your cabinet that has gone unchecked.
Perhaps the one asking ‘Who is the Presidency’.
The absconded Maina and your AGF using court order to stop the Senate hearing.
Don’t lose sight of your MD at NNPC who single handedly approved contracts above his limit. Just so many, including the Ikoyi funds.

On the Economy, you have continued to make reference to the increase in the foreign reserves wherein one of your ministers have alleged that no capital project in the 2017 budget was executed. And for a focused and strategic nation in planning and execution, at least it is important to roll over projects from previous years into the new one. Neither the previous nor current has seen a logical conclusion of anything tangible. Ore to Sagamu , Sagamu to Ibadan, all still pending.

And I ask, if you are not executing and not expending on projects, one can equally conclude that you should have reasonable savings. But of course whatever you are running from, you would definitely come to meet.
Mind you, as a trained certified Engineer and economist, the wear and tear of alternative roads would only absorb more beyond limits such that what you would have used or expended would be regrettable simply because you were half smart.

You have continued to talk about your exit from recession but can you just keep quiet already.

The recession was your making and it is still fragile despite its exit. I made reference to the fragility and recently IMF confirmed my fears. Obasanjo in response clearly confirmed that you don’t understand the internal politics of this country. And that’s why it is silly to think you would pounce on the Niger Delta region that feeds the nation. Hence your carelessness that led to a one year shutdown of Forcados Terminal. That terminal supplies the international market nearly 800 thousand barrels of oil daily. It was the most stupid war you got into. Yaradua was smarter than you!

You keep talking about TSA and the many reforms the previous government initiated as if it is your making. Just tell us one initiative we can tag to your administration.
As usual you are an opportunist. Always riding on the potential of others. Idiagbon was a star you rode on.

You keep talking about ghost workers. You need to keep shut about this. It is not your policy perhaps idea but that of a brilliant Ngozi Okonjo Iweala who designed the Integrated Payroll system (IPPS) which has continued to eliminate ghost workers.

1.8 billion capital inflow claim.
Just keep quiet and reflect on the more than triple that amount that left our country through your bad foreign exchange policy which former president Obasanjo claimed your government even enjoyed its round tripping. You intentionally induced that to favor your cronies.

About ease of doing business. It is more indicative that I was eager to start up a farming business under the previous administration. However, by your policy and silly actions, I have been on pause. I have a brother in the aviation industry whose business collapsed. How many international flights do we still have flying straight to the United States?
In 2015 I flew direct to Texas on United Airlines. Today they don’t operate in Nigeria because of your bad policies.

In Agriculture, you lied! The many achievements and cerebral policies of Akiwunmi Adesina are still very much with us.
Cassava wheat bread is still very much around Walk into shop rite, you would still see the effect of the backward integration policy.

I think I don’t need to respond to all your claims. The court of the citizens is open to judge you and that is if they have had dinner or lunch to have that strength to tell you these facts. Oh! They just brought my light since yesterday. Been burning fuel like am preparing hell fire for rogues in your government. Stop the lies!

Written by Adepitan Xwizade Bero

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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