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Black Lives Matter ! What Is This Morbid Propensity By White American Policemen To Murder Black People ?

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May 27, 2020


George Floyd, killed by a policeman from Minneapolis by asphyxiation.

A viral video has shown how a certain Minnesota
Police officer Derek Chauvin (badge #1087), along with two other officers, pinned a black man down to the hard pavement, with his knee, stuck on George’s neck, asphyxiating George Floyd until he died, while officer Tou Thao (badge #7162) stood by and did nothing. The impression is that some rouge police officers practice a thousand ways to kill, mainly on black people.

As a demonstration of the underlying spirit of hate and impatience that exists in America, a Minnesota grocery store called the police on him yesterday when they thought he was writing a bad check. He wasn’t.

Minneapolis city Mayor Jacob Frey just announced four officers have been fired. The FBI is investigating the incident. Over 19,000 people watched George as he died.


Civil Rights Attorney, Benjamin Crump, representing Floyd’s family said in a statement that “witnesses begged the police officer to take him into the car and get off his neck”. Crump added, “this abusive, excessive and inhumane use of force cost the life of a man who was being detained by the police for questioning about a non violent charge”.

He was screaming “I can’t breathe,” and asking for water, too. A commentator says “he was murdered by the Minneapolis Police Department”, pure and simple.

Protests have rocked Minneapolis, US over the brutal killing by the police officer. Screen shot photos from CNN.


Crowd of protesters in Minneapolis.



Hate filled racist police officer stops George Floyd from breathing, and he dies.


Multi racial nature of the protesters.


When will morbid hate or black people end in America ? An artist remembers George Floyd.

In the last couple of days, those who watch satellite TV in Africa were horrified to watch another viral video of a father and son shoot another black man dead, a man that was unarmed and was just jogging on the streets.

The few black people who escape being killed are those who smartly go out with hidden cameras on their bodies and warn racist human hunters ahead of any shooting that a recording is ongoing which is already being streamed live. Then they back off and apologize. We saw such a video recently.

Many racist assailants have been caught because practically every American has a camera enabled cellphone and they whip it out to start recording right away. Such recordings are usually unexpected and change everything as it relates to investigations and arrest.

Killing of blacks with unmitigated brutality has been ongoing since slavery days, more than 400 years in America, and modern technology seems set to scale down the inherent savagery in American people with licensed guns. The brutal savages hate exposure and it is all thanks to technology that a few more black lives might be saved.

Although this is not to say that there is no black on black violence, just as there is white on white violence. However, more blacks need to upscale learning and get economically empowered so as to earn respect. They should also reject drug abuse.

Blacks need respect and dignity. This is not too much to ask.



Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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