‘Blame Treasury Looters For Biafra Agitation’, Insists Magu

The Oasis Reporters

June 22, 2017

Ibrahim Magu, Acting Director of the EFCC

The funds provided by looters of the public treasury are what is fuelling the agitations for separation and dismemberment of the country, the Acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Mr. Ibrahim Magu, has disclosed.

And the root of the separatist agitations is corruption as the looters hope to sabotage the country in a bid to be unhindered in enjoying their ill-gotten wealth.

The EFCC acting chairman stated this on Tuesday while receiving the Director-General of the National Council for Arts and Culture, Segun Runsewe in audience.

He further said, “Corruption has eaten so deep into the fabric of this country. It is a threat to our co-existence, it is a threat to our unity and the survival of Nigeria.

“We have to have a common consensus to fight corruption; all of us must agree to fight it.

“The cost of corruption to this nation is much. It is poisonous, It is something that breeds Boko Haram, militancy, these boys calling for Biafra and those people calling for some parts to leave Nigeria.

“The looters actually funded these agitations. There are people behind these boys funding them to sabotage this country in order to have room to enjoy their ill-gotten wealth.

“The root of these agitations is corruption. Join us and other Nigerians in fighting corruption for the survival of this country.”

Magu called on all Nigerians to put hands on deck in the war against corruption by blowing the whistle on corrupt persons more often.

“Not all of us can arrest but we can join the whistle-blowers. Joining the whistle-blowers has two advantages: The fact that you have exposed crime and the fact that you will get a cut of any recovered amount. Let us join the whistle-blowers, let us expose all forms of corruption.

“We have to sustain the tempo so that the looters will not find a place to hide,” he said, adding that Nigeria will be among the best countries in the world if corruption can be eliminated.

Meanwhile he didn’t touch on other corrupt tendencies like nepotism and sectionalism that has made some parts of the country feel alienated in the Nigerian project that leads to agitations and cries of marginalization in the country.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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