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Can Nigerians Exhale With Live Bullets As Buhari’s Only Crowd Dispersal Strategy ?


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October 31, 2018

Shiite procession gets a disruption by the security forces leading to an escalation in violence.

Nigerians – especially the Nigerian Army under President Buhari – seem to have no other strategy for dispelling crowds, except the discharge of live bullets into their midst.

From all the videos I have seen so far, the Shi’ites were armed with stones. Stones that they couldn’t even throw far.

Is this a failure of leadership or a failure of training?

If you ask me, I’d choose the first because this same military has proven in the past, that they can de-escalate a potentially life threatening situation – where the life at risk was even that of the number one man in the country – without killing Nigerians exercising their constitutional rights to walk the streets in protest of the continued extra judicial holding of another Nigerian.

Before you come to argue, remember that I schooled in Zaria where at the mention of the name of El Zakzaky, every self respecting human runs into their room and locks the door, but I beg your pardon – what is wrong is wrong.

Shiite procession.

Yes, they were “armed” with stones.

Yes, they pelted these stones at what at that moment, symbolised the institution they were angry with.

At the sound of gunshot, they began to disperse and seek cover.

Why did the Nigerian Army move further to open fire on them?

This is how minor issues are escalated out of control as this government continues blundering through governance like a bull in a China shop.

Why hasn’t Zakzaky faced trial for whatever crime he is being held for?
Why is this administration notorious for plucking real and perceived “enemies” off the streets and just making them disappear?

This is sad.

Buhari has really drawn the hands of Nigeria’s clock back decades. He is not fit to administer a farm, how much less a country. He cannot be allowed to continue to promote discord, disunity and unrest in Nigeria. Another four years of a Buhari presidency would completely finish off Nigeria, we cannot afford that.

For whatever it is worth, Buhari has to go first, so that we as Nigerians, can collectively exhale.

It is obvious that he lacks what it takes to manage a country like Nigeria. What has he even had to say as Abuja broils under him?

But just wait until someone dies. Better still if the person who chooses to die is an international figure.

Immediately, the entirety of President Buhari’s media team, will begin to issue statements left, right and centre as if we elected him to oversee the affairs of the dead.

President Buhari has to go so that Nigeria can progress.

The big man has to return to Daura, human lives are more sacred than cattle, irrespective of that humans beliefs and actions – there are ways to control and/or disperse a crowd however belligerent, that would totally eliminate any casualties.The Nigerian Army knows this, it is just that under President Buhari, they know they have a carte blanche to eliminate dissidents.

And we cannot have that in a democracy.

Mpa Nnukwu The Unaware should be sent back to Daura.

Nigeria needs to exhale.


Written by Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie

Educated at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in North West Nigeria, Ms Okolie is a foremost communication strategist. As UPP Director of Media during the Anambra 2017 gubernatorial election, she introduced American media style communication and connection with voters strategy that put Chief Osita Chidoka on the front seat as a very credible contender for Anambra governorship.

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Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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