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Chasing At The Heels Of Fulani Herdsmen: Singaporean Firm Vows To Throw Them Out Of Cow Business Using Hi-Tech

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September 29, 2021

The era of wild cow grazing will be forced to end, permanently with no more killings, Courtesy of the present knowledge based economy.

A dire warning came recently from a prominent Fulani leader, former Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido, that the global economy was moving from resource platforms to knowledge platforms. He used graphs to emphasize that knowledge based economies were prospering more than resource based ones. But the knowledge has come too late for his Fulani people who are still searching for grazing routes for their notoriously unproductive and unprofitable cow business, going by global benchmarks.

See what a Singaporean firm is doing: WATCH

They used the simple science lessons everyone had learned in secondary school science class about cells and their replication in millions or billions to produce beef in laboratories/ factories. Good thing is that they can produce beef without the bones..only the edible parts fast, without the stress of raising them for years or feeding them. And the beef contains no ingested veterinary antibiotics.

Most importantly, they are just of the same, perhaps more hygienic quality compared to blood cows or land grab cows. Besides, they are now fully certified to go on sale.

Goodbye, roaming cows. Welcome cell produced cows…all edible and nutritious anyway.

With the entrance of big companies boosting ultra processed food sales, you will buy your frozen beef from department stores. It will be cheaper, healthier and more nutritious. The guilt feeling of eating beef from abattoir slaughtered meat would be gone forever. You would also have no guilt feeling of killed Middle belt people, who may have died from the never ending tit for tat unbridled massacres between herders and farmers for the cow to thrive. Get your wholesome meat from shops.

But then, this may equally extend to chickens et al. But it is all good.

Edwin Kwong of The University of Melbourne; Joanna Williams, Swinburne University of Technology; Phillip Baker, Deakin University; Rob Moodie, The University of Melbourne, and Thiago M Santos, Federal University of Pelotas say that “Ultra-processed foods might not be a familiar term to many people. But it is an emerging, and increasingly dominant type of food in the world”. They are foods typically created through a “series of industrial techniques and processes”.

They are also hyper-palatable, meaning that they can create a “highly rewarding eating experience that may facilitate overconsumption”. And they are heavily marketed products, such as soft drinks, instant noodles and baby formula.

Greg Abolo.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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