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Condolences And Admonitions For Peace Have Assumed A Recurring, Familiar Stature


The Oasis Reporters

April 7, 2018

The killing of six people in Bakin Kogi, Kaninkon, two persons in Asso, Kagoma and six in Chikun in Kaduna has no doubt, created an ugly trend and has assumed a recurring, normal and familiar stature. All these regrettably has played out within the space of a week and has become unbearable for our peace-loving and agrarian communities.

We cannot afford to keep losing our loved ones while what we get from government and security agencies are consolatory messages and calls for peaceful coexistence.

The development is rather unfair and highly condemnable because while Southern Kaduna people are not at war with anyone, it has remained under incessant attack by a group of ethnic and religious terrorists. What we therefore demand are developmental projects that would impact positively on the lives of our people and not episodes of press releases calling for peaceful coexistence. The question is “with whom” is the peaceful coexistence needed?

Enough is enough. This is the time for the ENFORCEMENT of peace. The government should walk it’s talk. The promises being repeatedly made to bring this bloodshed to an end has failed. All we see is shrewd demonstration of security might and mere lip service by so-called government’s spokesperson after the attacks. This is most unfortunate in spite of the huge budgetary allocations for security.

Where is Surveillance Operation Team in the heat of the whole situation? What happens to the intelligence report that should help in stamping out this evil?
It is very clear that either the intelligence report is being doctored to give the government the impression that all is well because, the responses (solutions) to the crises do not reflect the true happenings on ground. Same with the statements made by people in authority that often downplay the intensity of what we glaringly confront.

Since the security structure and strategy has hitherto remained the same, how then does the Government expect a different result?
There should be a fresh and an all inclusive team to bring about a lasting solution to this ugly situation that has become a national trademark.

Apostle E.E. Bako

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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