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COVID-19 Dilemma: Community Transmission And The Lack Of Proactive Thinking

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May 4, 2020

By Harry Slim Omoakhia

“All your personal efforts to stay safe will not count for much if those around you don’t make equal efforts to that end” – Abdullahi Ibrahim Jalo

To effectively combat COVID-19, we have to be responsible for ourselves and those around us. But no matter how responsible you may be, the irresponsibility of others may sooner nullify all your efforts. It is the reason why, even if I agree with advocates of a lockdown, I have maintained that our inability to trace and test many people during the first phases of the lockdown – which was obviously as a result of lack of preparation, despite all the rhetoric – remain our major undoing. We dropped the ball then which inadvertently led to community transmission.

So, at this point, even if you lockdown for months, with community transmission, and what we have seen in certain parts of the country, it will just be a matter of time before it knocks on your door, except you cut off ALL human interactions or during the period of extended lockdown, there is a cure.

Also, If people go out, they may obey guidelines for the first few days or weeks and after that, it will be business as usual and infection will spread rapidly.

So, no matter the decision taken, it will just be a matter of the timeline before the bomb explodes, but we could have prevented this dilemma if we had proactive thinkers as leaders

God help us all.

Written by Harry Slim Omoakhia. He’s a practicing pharmacist.

Greg Abolo

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