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Covid-19: With A Figure Over 38,000 Cases, US Records Highest Spike In One Day With The Numbers Getting Worse

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June 28, 2020

Three days after the US records highest spike in one day with a figure over 38,000, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer @wolfblitzer tweets that “the numbers are getting worse. Worldwide there now have been nearly 10 million coronavirus cases with almost half a million deaths. There have been 125,000 U.S. deaths. Florida, California, Arizona & Texas are seeing huge increases in cases. And special
@CNNSitRoom holds a special parley on it.



US on June 25, 2020 had recorded It’s worst day for daily coronavirus cases with 38,000 in 24 hours as infections surge in seven states including California, Texas and Florida and new model predicts deaths could top 180,000 by October in a report by Rachel Sharp For and Associated Press

Daily cases reached 38,115 across the US Wednesday, according to The COVID Tracking Project – the highest number of daily cases since the outbreak began
This dwarfs the previous record number of daily infections of 34,203 on April 25
The US death toll reached 121,979 and confirmed cases 2,381,538.

The three most populous states California, Texas and Florida each set new records for daily infections, all topping more than 5,000 cases
Seven states of Arizona, Arkansas, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas are recording their highest number of hospitalizations.

Fears are mounting that states that rushed to ease their lockdowns and return to business as usual are headed for disaster.

Ever since the murder of George Floyd by a now dismissed police officer, Chauvin, angry America surged into the streets in protest, day after day demanding an end to police brutality. More deaths have been reported and demonstrated over which became a worldwide protest, and all caution was thrown into the winds.

Then suddenly, cases spiked.
So where is the world headed to ?

A leading virus model now predicts 179,106 will be killed by October.

This US record of its worst day for daily coronavirus cases as new infections topped 38,000 in a single day Wednesday, has sparked fears that the nation is headed for a second wave of the deadly outbreak coming at a time where vaccines are still being researched into and not yet a reality.

A staggering 38,115 new infections were reported in the last 24 hours, according to The COVID Tracking Project, marking the highest number of daily cases since the killer virus first touched down on US soil.

Lockdown measures had been eased in most part of the globe for considerations on the economy to prevent further bankruptcies and people being put out of work.

China has been seen reimposing lockdown measures as schools were being shut again due to a second spike. Globally, everyone is confused, from the leaders to the led.

Meanwhile scientists researching into vaccines solution and other forms of medication are constantly feeling under pressure.

This is a pandemic that hasn’t been seen in several decades with no one having a previous experience, and it is back to the drawing board.

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