Cuban Doctors Fly Into Italy, Raising Hope And Lifting The Downcast Heads Of It’s People

The Oasis Reporters

March 25, 2020

Cuban doctors arrive in Milan, Italy.


Cheering Italians welcome them to Italy


When the Covid-19 pathogen overran many parts of Europe, especially Italy and Spain with Italy overtaking China in the recent number of casualties and becoming the new epicenter, The world watched Italians singing to their windows on Sunday because going to Church was out of it. The country went under a total lockdown, yet the virus continued spreading exponentially. No recovery in sight with the whole situation becoming more hopeless, despondent.

The Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, recently broke down in tears and said : “we have lost control, we have killed the epidemic physically and mentally. Can’t understand what more we can do, all solutions are exhausted on ground. Our only hope remains up in the Sky, God rescue your people”!

That seemed like a lamentation on hopelessness.
The Italian Prime Minister was, and indeed felt utterly frustrated.

As the world watched, everyone worrying over the pandemic, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel had to go into isolation, Melanie Trump as well, Prince Charles in the list and in Nigeria, the Chief of Staff to President Buhari diagnosed with the virus in a country with notoriously Ill equipped hospitals, panic would be too small a word to describe the quandary and the air of despondency that rent the air.

Like a bolt from the blue, a plane carrying a team of Cuban doctors suddenly arrived.
The atmosphere was electric as Italians clapped with their hands and their hearts with waves of cheer and welcome.

Cuban doctors, engineers, airforce pilots are known for world class efficiency. Much of Africa knows them. Especially in Angola, Mozambique, Namibia where their legendary effectiveness is remembered with nostalgia.

Italians can now lift up their eyes and look to the skies in thanksgiving to God. For solution seems to be in sight.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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