Defections And The Corrupt Underbelly Of The APC Federal Govt


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August 8, 2018

Like others, I have watched the mass movement of prominent Nigerians from their place of comfort to a zone of national sacrifice. This, to me, is the strength of the nation. We never allow a tyrant to destroy our foundation.

However, the most important aspect of the gale of defections from APC to PDP is the fact that it has exposed the corrupt underbelly of the APC Federal Government. This desperation to use the national treasury to woo PDP Members is unprecedented.

Frightened like a cornered injured snake, the APC Federal Government is on a raping spree. Violating the national purse and desecrating all security and anti-corruption agencies, just to escape the bitter verdict of Nigerians in 2019.

The revelation by the immediate past Deputy Publicity Secretary of the APC, Mr Timi Frank is instructive.

Frank said: “From available information, the Presidency in collaboration with the leadership of the APC is about to dole out the sum of $400,000 (about 150 Million naira) each to APC Senators and House of Representatives members to impeach Bukola Saraki who has defected to the PDP and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara – who they fear may soon dump the party as well.

“They are also offering legislators in some State Houses of Assembly the sum of $150,000 (about 50 Million naira) each, to impeach their Governors that recently defected to the PDP”.

The above revelation is damming and shameful. The actions of the said individuals have manifested in public places, ridiculing our nation in the international community.

We hear stories of promises and donation of oil wells to ‘beautiful brides in the form of PDP Governors and Senators”. Pledges to surrender the “Federal Might” to them to “Ekiti–ise” their states and outright blackmail through the use of the vicious EFCC.

We have heard of stories of one South-South Senator who was threatened with permanent detention until after the 2019 elections, if he fails to defect. These are perilous times, but key to national rebirth.

Nigerians have seen the mass withdrawals of Mobile Policemen from Benue State to pave way for the slaughter of the people by Fulani herdsmen, simply because Ortom had the courage to defect.

We watched in shock as the Nigerian Police took over the Benue State House of Assembly, sacked 22 Legislators and helped eight legislators to issue an illegal impeachment notice.

Nigerians should be grateful to the defectors. They have shown to the world, the true colour of the APC Federal Government. Corrupt, brutal, immoral and illegal in her disposition and operations.

This APC Federal Government only thinks about survival in office, without respect for the rule of law and democratic process. While shouting anti-corruption with one side of the mouth, they use the other side of the mouth to spew mass corruption.

The APC Federal Government is in panic mode because it has nothing to market itself. It has destroyed the neutrality of INEC and security agencies because no sane Nigerian will ever vote a failed administration.

This is a turning point for Nigeria. The place of progress. Where all men and women of goodwill must kick out the last vestiges of failure from our history books. This is the time to open a new chapter.

Everyone on this side of sacrifice will pay a price. The APC Federal Government will come at opponents with extreme carrots and sticks. But this is the time to stand firm and insist on development.

Not many people have taken note of the fact that oil prices have continued to ascend, but FAAC remains stagnant like a malnourished child. Therefore, funds are illegally stashed away through NNPC and are never paid into the Federation Account. There is no corruption worse than this.

NNPC has degenerated from the ATM of the Federal Government, to a leaking bullion van of the APC Federal Government. It has become the centre for the siphoning and illegal distribution of National Cake to save a failed APC Federal Government.

It is on the strength of this APC corrupt underbelly that Senator Abdullahi Adamu (EFCC Pikin since 2007) is threatening fire to justify his cut. In saner climes, Abdullahi who governed Nasarawa State with no report card, other than his multi-billion naira farm should be hiding or in jail.

Corruption is corruption. The beauty of pregnancy is that it can never be hidden for too long. There is always a birthday. The APC Federal Government has given birth to corruption after three years of pregnancy. They have confirmed the worst fears of Nigerians.

As we countdown to the end of this disastrous APC Federal Government, Nigerians must brace up for a turbulent flight. These guys are desperate. They will do terrible things in the days ahead. Remain focused and victory for the people is certain. Those who collect the porridge of oil wells or are scared of EFCC have already lost their place in history.

Written by Simeon Nwakaudu, spokesman of Governor of Rivers State, Mr. Nyesom Wike.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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