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Delta Women Take A Radical Step To End Deprivation Of Women In Political Leadership, Support Nwabogo As Deputy Gov

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December 7, 2022









In a determined bid to deepen the democratic space, Women of Delta State seem set to pick up their right in arguing against the dominance of the constant male-male ticket in the state that has really not taken the state to the eldorado citizens aspire to.





Professor Julie Nwabogo Umukoro, Labour Party deputy governorship candidate for Delta State .

On the telephone line from Ughelli North, Mrs Uruemu Oshare told The Oasis Reporters that “Delta has the fourth highest Human Development Index in the country and of the 36 states, Delta is the 23rd largest in area and twelfth most populous with an estimated population of over 5.6 million as of 2016. The feminine gender is believed to outnumber the male.

“Yet politically speaking, Delta State has never had a female governor or Deputy Governor despite such examples under Peter Obi as governor in neighbouring Anambra State, under Fayose in Ekiti State, in Lagos State etc.

“We have to change the story this time by supporting a woman as The Labour Party has offered the deputy governorship ticket to Prof. Mrs Julie Nwabogo Umukoro. We have to support her by voting for her Party in this giant step forward to full inclusivity”.

“I’m a graduate of Agricultural Science who has embraced full farming, yet see the disgrace heaped on farmers by Okowa’s government after the devastating flood that is just drying up.

“Farmers encountered colossal losses because many farmers could not harvest their cassava crops before the sudden rush of the flood.

People of Irri town in Isoko South LGA woke up on the morning of 11-10-2022 to find their hometown and farms in the flood.

Having licked their wounds, sad but resilient farmers are back to replant their cassava, hoping for government assistance in giving us hybrid or early maturing cassava stems for replanting that we can harvest at ten months before the floods one cannot predict, next year.

This is a flooded home in Ase, Ndokwa East Local Govt Area of Delta State. The flood came suddenly and there is still no help from the PDP government in Asaba.

“But check out the Delta State Agriculture Development Program (ADP) Website. Look for their addresses in Oleh, Kwale, Obiaruku, Ughelli, Warri, Burutu, Ozoro, Patani, Asaba, Ogwashi- Uku etc. Just check now. It will answer N/A (not available) for you !
Such gross incompetence! Government website for that matter! Zero program to assist farmers by Delta PDP !

“This thing cannot happen in Kano where I know they have KNARDA, KASCO etc, all government agencies to help farmers. Yet our constant male-male ticket in Delta State remains unfeeling”, said Ngozi to The Oasis Reporters on the phone from Kwale.

This and many other factors thus propels the women of Delta to support the only balanced ticket of male/female Labour Party candidacy at the state level.

It’s indeed a welcome change, and just one day in the future, as it is happening in the US, Latin America and has also happened in Israel, Liberia, Malawi, CAR including other places where women are prominent on the ticket to contribute effectively, so shall it one day happen in Nigeria at all levels.

Women must not be pall rice, eaten only when there’s no other choice. They matter.

Therefore on December 10, 2022, Women In Delta State shall converge on Asaba for a rally to support Nwabogo Umukoro and the Labour Party.

Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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