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Economic Exodus: Nigerians Are Voting With Their Feet, Especially To The UK. Imagine What Europe Is Reaping

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September 6, 2023





I was reading a post by Professor Ndubuisi Ekekwe who I follow on Twitter.
He said, “Nigerians are really going to the United Kingdom: “In the first half of the year, we granted approximately 132,000 visas, and those are all sorts of visas, which include visit, work and study visas.

“In the previous full year before that, we issued about 324,000. The UK, in that year, issued about three million visas, and of those three million visas, 324,000 were issued to Nigerians, which is about 10 percent.”


But why is this mass exodus of Nigerians happening now? Go to an average Nigerian Church on Sunday. Listen to the shared testimonies. You’d hear of the great joy over the visa applications that have been granted.


There are Nigerian Churches all over the United Kingdom, welcoming newcomers to Church every Sunday. And they are the recent migrants from home.

Ché Sko ™ @skoenu tweeted that the Visa fees Nigerians pay based on the recent statistics is appropriately $44,000,000 paid in fees to the UKVI.


These monies are sourced mostly from the black market. Doesn’t it make up as one of the reasons for the decline in value of the Naira?

Here’s Chukwunedum Ekwenibe @MiriEnweIlo:

“Humans that know better and have the means naturally will adapt to a functional habitat that is thriving so they can achieve their full potential. It is a normal phenomenon with animals as well. Get Nigeria working again, you will record a similar number of migration back home.

“It might sound like a conspiracy theory, but the numbers don’t lie as the U.K. economy is booming and flourishing on the back of the new migrants who work, pay taxes and contribute to the pension scheme that pays out their baby boomers even though they are destroying the economy and institutions of the migrants by proxy, and ensuring that they impose a puppet regime at every opportunity. Rather ironic”

When Vision 20: 2020 was unveiled, there was the optimistic information that “Nigeria will be one of the top 20 world economies”.

But the result?: Nigeria achieved 27th at $492.4bn.


In 2014, Nigeria was the 22nd largest economy at $568.5bbn after the GDP was rebased.


In 2022, Nigeria’s GDP was $447.4bn

When you examine the GDP value of some countries in the world, you’d know where Nigeria stands.


United States: $25.5T
China: $18.T
European Union: $16.5T
Japan: $4.23T
Germany: $4.08T
India: $3.39T
United Kingdom: $3.07T
France: $2.78T
Russia: $2.22T
Canada: $2.14T
Italy: $2.01T
Brazil: $1.92T
Australia: $1.70T
South Korea: $1.67T
Mexico: $1.41T
Indonesia: $1.32T
Saudi Arabia: $1.11T
Turkey: $905.8B
Argentina: $632.2B
South Africa: $405.7B

Nigeria’s GDP of $447.4B is only higher than South Africa’s GDP.

What are the factors that are drawing us backwards?
Can we find ways of making things work so that we can build back and attract our diaspora population back? We are losing too many people to other nations. Time to fashion programs to bring them back home. Let brain drain become a brain game.

Greg Abolo.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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