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El Rufai Review: Kaduna State Where There Are No More Chiefs Except Emirs


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June 5, 2018

By the time you visit southern Kaduna and you are welcomed by turbanned Emirs, your first assumption would be to believe that you are standing before Muslim rulers in predominantly Christian villages.
Well the Emirs used to be Chiefs.

The governor of Kaduna State is Mallam Nasir Elrufai, a Muslim who in his wisdom has directed that the nomenclature of those chiefs should reflect his own religion, not theirs, since he sits atop the taxes and pays them salaries .
Chiefdoms have become Emirates, courtesy of the Gov. El Rufai review .

The letter that says it all.

A social media commentator had this to say, “Kaura Local Govt is home to Christian Ruruma, Kaibi, Kimolo and Binwara tribes of the southern extraction, but now forced to become emirates”.

The fiercely independent minded southern Kaduna peoples fought valiantly and successfully dispelled the invading Fulani jihadist invaders of Usman Dan Fodio about 200 years because just as the Fulani militias had military superiority because they had horses, the southern Kaduna resistance forces understood horse psychology and good knowledge of geographical warfare. They climbed up their hills and pushed down rocks that frightened and knocked down the horses.
Defeated, the Fulani retreated.
Until the British colonial masters entered and humbled the Fulani. Southern Kaduna animists quickly became Christians.

One thing led to the other and the British consolidated their indirect rule through Fulani emirs who  were handed southern Kaduna tribes to rule, much to the chagrin of the native people. This was what they resisted stoutly. It caused so much unrest until 1999, when  Governor Ahmed Makarfi came to power. He desired peace and decided to grant southern Kaduna their chiefdoms. His Attorney General and commissioner for Justice, Mr. Mark Jacob Nzamah drafted the agreements and successfully negotiated peace.
Makarfi left office in 2007. Eight years after, Nasir Elrufai is in the saddle, going back to the pre crisis era.

It is doubtful if this move will make the people jubilant to be ruled by the title of mostly Islamic rule.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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