Electoral Law: 2019 Will be a Contest of Rigging


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December 9, 2018

President Muhammadu Buhari has given reasons why he cannot assent to the electoral bill that seeks to make the use of card readers mandatory.

The game is over for Buhari. He and his minders know it. Atiku will win at least 45 percent of the Muslim north and more than 45 percent of the southwest. These two blocs are supposed to be Buhari’s strongholds, but he is losing them because of his ruthlessly dreadful and strangulating ineptitude.
Atiku will, of course, win more than 70 percent each of the Christian north, the southeast, and the southern ethnic minority bloc. So it’s obvious that 2019 would be a blowout for Atiku.

The e-voting machine in Kaduna (left). It proved to be an antidote to rigging.

The signs are apparent even to the dumb. That’s why there’s frenzied, transparent panic in Buhari land.The only option left for Buhari now is to rig himself back to power, and that’s what he’s planning to do. That’s precisely why he has refused to sign the electoral bill. His reason for not signing it is that, “any real or apparent changes to the rules this close to the elections may provide an opportunity for disruption and confusion in respect of which law governs the electoral process.”

That’s such a blizzard of senseless verbiage that communicates NOTHING! It’s a linguistic, communicative, and rhetorical fraud.

Buhari knows he can no longer win a free and fair election, so he wants to go down with the nation by planning a massive nationwide rigging. But he is daring people who are more vicious than he is in electoral villainy. PDP is going to prepare for a rigging, not an electoral, contest in 2019. Buhari can’t win that contest. The power brokers that matter in the nation are against him because they know he will literally kill the nation from which they steal.

The “international community” doesn’t want him because they can’t afford the tragedy of a war-torn Nigeria, which a Buhari second term will surely precipitate.

Whether he agrees to a free and fair election or chooses to rig, Buhari will be history in 2019.


Written by Farooq Kperogi.

He’s a professor of New Media at Kennesaw University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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