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Eliminating Antibiotics Residue In Poultry: Ibadan Varsity Pioneers Garlic Based Research


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November 4, 2018

Garlic, poultry.

Due to the use of antibiotics in the treatment of most poultry based infections, consumers of poultry products have often expressed worry over the secondary ingestion of unnecessary antibiotics through the consumption of chicken products.

In a bid for gown to meet town, University of Ibadan in Nigeria’s South West have assembled experts in poultry sciences, veterinarians, biochemists, and pharmacologists under The UI-Research Foundation to explore the use of garlic as organic promoter in the production of chicken.

The researchers will carefully assess production parameters and benefits of garlic in the feed of commercial layers from day old chicks.

Their success will eliminate antibiotics which have been banned from chicken feed and take away the worry of consumers who often fret about the effects of secondary antibiotics ingestion when chickens, freshly treated with such drugs are slaughtered and consumed.

Should this research succeed, poultry farmers in Nigeria would save millions of naira annually, spent on the purchase of antibiotics, mostly imported from Europe, the Americas, and Asia.
Besides, garlic farmers in northern Nigeria will experience a boom in the production and sale of their produce.
It will also be expected that the price of poultry products would climb down by a few naira notes due to the reduction in the cost of production.

The University of Ibadan Research Foundation is sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation, International Institute For Tropical Agriculture (IITA), CIBN, The Infrastructure Bank and a host of other donor agencies including University endowments.

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