Ex President Jonathan Expresses Sadness Over Yusuf Buhari’s Accident, Prays For His Recovery

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December 29, 2017

Buhari, Jonathan

Nigeria’s former president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has expressed sadness over the powerbike accident resulting to injury which involved Yusuf, son of president Muhammadu Buhari recently and prayed for his quick recovery.

Yusuf Buhari was said to have been involved in the accident recently and an online report which purportedly claimed that the young man had been flown to Germany has been quickly debunked by the President’s spokesman, Mr. Femi Adesina who released a statement that Yusuf was receiving treatment in a private hospital in Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital.
For much of President Buhari’s first two years in office, he spent a considerable part of it undergoing treatment in a hospital in the United Kingdom for an undisclosed illness.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife, Aisha, had bitterly criticized the administration of the State House clinic earlier in the year, that receives an annual budget in billions of naira, surpassing what all of Nigeria’s Teaching Hospitals combined get in a year, yet cannot treat common ailments nor have basic drugs in it’s pharmacy. This has prompted many Nigerians to question where all the money was sinking into.

Significantly, going by what Adesina said, Yusuf Buhari was not taken to the hospital all Nigerian taxpayers are contributing to for the sole upkeep of the presidency.

Former President Jonathan just returned from Liberia where he co-headed an international election monitoring / observer team on the successful presidential election re-run in the West African nation in which its former international football player, George Oppong Weah won, to become Liberia’s 25th president.

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