Exposing Shehu Sani’s Flanks And Rejection Of The Sought For $350M Loan


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July 28, 2018

Senator Shehu Sani and Gov El-Rufai

Personally berating and lampooning the three Senators representing Kaduna State in the National Assembly for frustrating a loan approval was a feat of sheer madness typical of the Governor.
In one such tirade from the dictator he was heard openly instigating violence against the distinguished senators when he recommended that should any of them be seen around, their beards be shaved off.

Another buffoon representing Birnin Gwari in the State Assembly went ahead to declare a bounty of N 5 million naira for whoever will succeed in shaving Senator Shehu Sani’s African styled hair and presenting the hair to him.
This is how low some of the characters masquerading as our representatives in this manner of democracy can descend in their frustration with regard to the rejection of the loan.

It has been sometime since the rejection of the loan and some of us thought that tempers must have calmed down until the volcanic styled eruption in the studios of Liberty Radio/Television during a media chat in which the dictator spewed toxic fumes and ash into the political space blanketing the air above and causing flight disruptions in Kaduna. He must have taken time to prepare for this outing and you could hear how enraged he was as he spewed the hot political larva.

He singled out the self acclaimed Jagoran Talakawa Senator Shehu Sani for attack.
In any case Shehu Sani exposed his flanks, dropped his guard something you never will do in a boxing match as you will pay a heavy price.

The story of Shehu Sani cannot be told fully in this post as this is a story for another day but suffice it to say that Shehu Sani is reversible. He has proven his credentials as a fifth columnist in the ranks of distinguished senators. He did appear to belong to the league of Senators who defected recently to the PDP as a bus stop to another platform but when the men stood to be counted, Shehu Sani was not amongst them. He has thus been labelled a traitor by many in the polity.

It is to be recalled that Shehu Sani is one of the strange characters that the Buhari political tsunami threw up back before the 2015 general elections and he thus became a Senator of the Federal Republic. Apart from occasional tantrums on the floor of the Red Chamber, there is nothing spectacular that this character apart from the noticeable afro styled hair which he carries and for which that equally strange State Assembly member from Birnin Gwari has placed a bounty of N 5 million naira on. While it is a well known fact that we need to build strong institutions if our nation is to join the league of developing states, the likes of Shehu Sani believe that upon winning an election, you simply go to sleep until another election is around the corner. Shehu Sani is wrong because the electorate in Zone 2 have seen through the falsehood which Sani represents. Whilst serious politicians have been busy either establishing or renovating their old old political structures, Shehu Sani stood aloof. Some of us began wondering what magic political wand Sani will pull out to retain his seat if he eventually decides to run. It had been speculated that this man was harbouring a governorship ambition thus pitching him against the dictator compounded by the refusal to approve the World Bank loan we have been readying ourselves for an epic political confrontation. That expectation has all but fizzled out as campaign posters of our man are everywhere in Kaduna defacing our walls. Since the breakout of the 15 Senators and almost 37 House of Representatives members from the augean stable of the APC, Shehu Sani momentarily dropped out of the public glare to rethink his strategy. He was rumoured to have leaked the plan for the decamping which had earlier been planned for Thursday but which had to be brought back to Tuesday the day the dam collapsed.

Shehu Sani and President Buhari.

Exposed, ( not so ) distinguished Shehu Sani sought refuge in the safe and comforting arms of Aso Rock. It is also rumoured that Shehu Sani collected a betrayal fee of N 100,000,000 million naira much in the same style as Judas Iscariot in the Holy Bible except that unlike Judas, Shehu Sani did not have to kiss anybody as a betrayal signal. It is unclear if as Shehu Sani and the other remaining APC Senators who answered an invitation by the President had their hands raised by the President as a welcome gesture or an endorsement of sort to recontest their current seats. In so doing, Shehu Sani has deliberately brought himself within the aiming sight of the dictator’s high calibre snippets rifle. Recall that Shehu Sani had much earlier been expelled from the APC on the instructions of the dictator. The dictator has not clarified if the expulsion has been lifted but has instead slammed another requirement for Shehu Sani to publicly apologize to the people of Kaduna State for the role he played in not approving the loan. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Written by Gora Dauda (rtd).

R-APC party chairman in Kaduna State.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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