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‘Fake News To Say 21B Naira Was Found In Daura’s Home’, DSS Whines As Shit Hits Fan


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August 15, 2018

Courageous Hon. Boma confronts the excesses of hooded DSS operatives at the National Assembly.

The Department Of State Security, DSS has issued a Press release debunking the insinuations that some humongous amounts of money and arms amounting to
“Twenty One Billion Naira (N21bn) cash;
400 assorted and sophisticated small arms and light weapons/rifles; and
Thousands of Permanent Voters Card (PVC) belonging to Niger republic immigrants” were found in the homes of the dismissed director general of the secret service outfit, Mr. Lawal Daura.
It is fake news, they say in the release issued by Tony Opuiyo of the national headquarters.

The release was timely to put the records straight but security watchers are bemused that this looks like shit hitting the fan as many unfortunate Nigerians arrested and in the custody of the DSS have had similar propaganda smearing their names and reputations without them having the opportunity to clear their names. It was always the words of the DSS or the EFCC against the complete silence of the accused languishing in the various cells of security agencies.
One major case in point is that of the former National Security Adviser to President Jonathan, Col. Sambo Dasuki who remains out of sight despite court orders for his release. They said he shared out billions of dollars meant for the purchase of arms to fight insurgency. Only the security story gets to be heard while Dasuki’s response remains shut with him in detention. Cries for his release and that of other prisoners of conscience held in secret detention centers under Lawal Daura are becoming louder and the new DSS Director General has promised a review of all cases in a bid to spruce up the image of Nigeria’s secret police.


The attention of the Department of State Services (DSS) has been drawn to the circulation of fake information and videos in which several items were said to have been recovered from the Katsina and Abuja homes of its immediate past Director General, Lawal Daura. These non-existent items include:
Twenty One Billion Naira (N21bn) cash;
400 assorted and sophisticated small arms and light weapons/rifles; and
Thousands of Permanent Voters Card (PVC) belonging to Niger Republic immigrants.
2. In another video also in circulation, some persons believed to be personnel of a security outfit were seen forcing open safes stocked with money. The security operatives were described as executing a recovery operation at the Katsina home of the former DGSS.
3. Consequently, the Service wishes to inform the public that these videos are false and should be disregarded. So far, no such recovery operations have been undertaken by the EFCC or any other security agency at DSS’ office or residences of the former DG.
4. There is no doubt that different interests have continued to give varied accounts of the incident of last week at the National Assembly. It may, however, be recalled that the Presidency had pledged to carry out a detailed investigation regarding the alleged National Assembly siege. The public is, therefore, advised to exercise restraint in their narration of events and as such, desist from spreading fake news or engaging in activities that may mislead or further cause a breach of the peace as well as preempt the outcome of investigations.

National Headquarters,
Department of State Services,
13th August, 2018

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