Fayose In The News : How He Almost Failed To Emerge PDP Candidate In 2014


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July 9, 2018

Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose. His second and final tenure would lapse at year end.

There is no doubt that, the Governor of Ekiti State, Chief Ayodele Peter Fayose is the man of the moment! This time last year, all the national dailies published news, editorial, articles, advertorials and features either favorable or unfavorable about the outcome of the election and the then Governor-elect. In the same vein, the leadership of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was quoted as saying the party nearly missed fielding Chief Fayose as its candidate for the last governorship polls in the State, but, only a last minute change of mind made them to field him as their candidate for the polls.

Hence, knowing fully that nothing happens on its own accord, or that an object remains in a state of permanent rest until external force is applied,unraveling the secret behind Chief Fayose’s Emergence as PDP Governorship Candidate for Ekiti, despite the powerful and highly formidable forces that never wanted him to fly the party’s flag in Ekiti for the just concluded June 21 gubernatorial election becomes necessary today.

It will be recalled that, even after the PDP Governorship primary was conducted in Ekiti and Chief Fayose emerged victorious, the powerful forces that never wanted him still went back to their trenches to re-strategize; this time around, they infiltrated some PDP contestants, inducing them to collectively reject the result of the primary. Their aim for doing that was to use their influence and well oiled propaganda machinery to denigrate and portray Fayose as a ‘spent force’ as well as a political liability to the party, hoping to use that as a bait to pick the person they wanted among the contestants through consensus arrangement, just like what happened in Anambra in the prelude to the conduct of the 2010 governorship election in the state; a situation where out of the 47 PDP members that purchased the party’s nomination form for the primary, unnecessary crisis among the contestants forced the leadership of the party to pick Professor Chukwuma Soludo as its candidate for the election.

However, the secret behind Fayose’s emergence as the PDP governorship candidate for Ekiti was revealed to the public on Tuesday, June 24 2014, when the Governor-elect, Chief Ayo Fayose in his maiden visit to Abuja after he was declared the winner of the election visited the Corporate Head Office of PDP Project Reloaded at No. 14, Lake Chad Crescent, Maitama, Abuja.
In that visit, Chief Fayose said: “If not for Jonathan, consensus would have defeated me… Reloaded, I am one of you!”

Also, in an emotion laden voice, full of praise for PDP Project Reloaded, Chief Fayose in Abuja said: “In this game, it is not about popularity, sometimes, you may be popular and the forces against you might kill your popularity… If you are there for me, I will be there for you”. Turning to National Coordinator of PDP Project Reloaded, Chief Richard Lamai who is also an adopted son and Chief of Staff to Chief Edwin Clark as well a political son to Chief Tony Anenih, Fayose said: “For me, this gentleman may not be as rich as Buruji Kashamu who is my personal friend, but he remains my hero… Everything is not all about money… For those who stick out their necks for me, I owe you recognitions for life.” He stated further “If you pass through an institution, and you get the desired benefit, you have to put it back or reload it.”

Similarly, while publicly identifying with PDP Project Reloaded, Fayose said: “For me, I am part of Project Reloaded because, I want to struggle and I want to work for President Jonathan. A lot of people have taken this President for granted, but, we will stand for him; if you take him for granted, we will take you for granted. If they say Jonathan has not performed, what have they done differently in their states?”

“Remove all the Federal projects from Lagos and let us see what will be left. So, let them not come and tell us stories; we will bruise their ego in Osun. We will make Jonathan and the PDP proud. So, we thank you sir for giving us this opportunity; we will identify with you in and out of office.”

Earlier, a Minister designate, Honorable Dayo Adeyeye who also was on the entourage of the then Governor-elect said, “I want to thank those who have helped us to move to the next level, Reloaded, like the governor said; I am also a member of Reloaded. In my new position by the grace of God, I am going to work with you”. On a lighter note, Honorable Adeyeye said, “Thank you my brother, I met you very late, may be if I had met you earlier, I might be the one sitting there, (pointing to the seat of the Governor-elect, Chief Ayodele Fayose).
Ex Minister Dayo Adeyeye has angrily left the PDP to side with the APC in the upcoming gubernatorial election on Saturday, July 14, 2018. It is going to be a battle royale between Fayose’s protégé, Prof. Olusola Eleka and Dr. Kayode Fayemi, an ex-governor of the state.

In a brief remark, the host, Chief Richard Lamai thanked his visitors and assured them that the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would drive out All Progressives Congress (APC) from Osun through Oyo and Ogun States to the Atlantic Ocean!

Written By Comrade Edwin Ekene Uhara, an Investigative Journalist and Public Affairs Commentator.
Updated in-house by The Oasis Reporters editorial board.

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